Vista Bay Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Facilities Go Green with Holistic Rehab Programs


Released on: March 30, 2010, 12:00 am
Industry: Healthcare

Nowadays going green is becoming more and more en vogue. Vista Bay drug rehab has holistic drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers to help individuals with drug and alcohol addiction become liberated through highly successful natural processes. In a time where many other facilities are deploying various methods to treat addiction with limited success, Vista Bay has found great success with holistic and drug free methodologies.

Vista Bay rehab has been green for 42 years. Their success at helping individuals arrive at a sustainable state of sobriety is unparalleled. The program is founded on proven methods and driven by professional and compassionate staff members.

March, 2010 – Vista Bay Drug Rehab was perhaps ahead of its time. The holistic and drug free drug and alcohol treatment centers have been green for 42 years. Now it appears that the rest of the culture is catching up to this leading drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility.

Vista Bay rehab measures its success on the individuals that attain a state of permanent sobriety. They have been able to achieve a 76% rate of success toward this goal. While some may consider this number to be an average rating based on scholastic scores, it is really more like a AAA rating when compared to traditional 12-step programs that have success rates as low as 2%.

The Vista Bay holistic program begins with a detoxification process. A hot sauna, vitamin supplements, and fluid intake regime stimulates the body’s natural ability to cleanse itself. The result is a clean mind and purified body that is free from toxins and addictive substances.

With a clear mind the individuals in the Vista Bay drug rehab program are better able to understand and implement essential skills that are developed in the life skills courses. The life skills courses provide a foundation for improved decision making and coping mechanisms for the individuals upon graduation. There are several Vista Bay videos that help to further illustrate the program and may be found online.

With a solid foundation from the life skills courses a comprehensive discharge plan is established to assist individuals as they are integrated back into daily life. The discharge plan is tailored to the individual and provides a strategy for successful long-term sobriety.

As a complement to the holistic program of Vista Bay, they charge only a single fee for their treatment. The single fee includes an unspecified duration at the treatment facilities. This allows each individual to recover on their own time without the added concern of having to pay for an extended stay in the event that they are not ready.

Additionally, the Vista Bay drug rehab program has an option to return to the facility for up to 30 days in the event that an individual relapses while following their approved discharge plan. The non-profit organization definitely goes above and beyond in order to help people in their recovery.

Vista Bay videos are available online in order to help individuals obtain more information about the success of Vista Bay rehab.

Vista Bay is a non-profit and non-traditional treatment center for drug and alcohol addiction. They help individuals overcome drug and alcohol addiction by providing an effective program and the time for each individual to become healthy again. The Vista Bay Rehab program and successful track record make them an essential solution for permanent results for individuals, friends and families facing the serious problem of drug and alcohol addiction.

Leland Michaels



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