Vistabay Rehab Facilities Bring The Highest Drug Addiction Recovery Success Rates To California


Released on: March 26, 2010, 9:18 am
Industry: Healthcare

Vistabay has one of the highest drug addiction recovery success rates in the United States. Success is measured by clients that complete the program and remain drug free. Vistabay Rehab proudly boasts that 76% of their clients are still drug and alcohol-free a year after completion of the program. The average success rate is 20%.This phenomenal achievement is due to the avant-garde approach the program utilizes in addressing addictions. This forward-thinking methodology is based on a holistic approach that is extremely thorough and comprehensive. The Vistabay drug rehab program treats each client as an individual with unique and varied needs. As such, every aspect of the person is cared for and supported.

March, 2010 – Vistabay Rehab provides treatment for both street drug addiction and prescription drug addiction. Success of such programs is measured according to the number of clients that complete the program and remain drug free for a period of time. Seventy-six percent of Vistabay clients are still drug-free after a full year following completion of the program. This far surpasses the average success rate of 20%. The innovative approach applied by the program is credited with this extraordinary success rate. Vistabay drug rehab is based on a thorough and comprehensive methodology that utilizes a holistic approach.

The holistic addresses each individual client as a whole being. This means that the body, mind, and spirit of the individual is considered. Thus the philosophy of Vistabay drug rehab is such that the clients are rehabilitated completely. This will include a focus on every aspect and the rehab is physical, mental, social and even spiritual in nature. Because Vistabay Rehab addresses each aspect of a client he or she is afforded a comprehensive recovery. This results in the client being better prepared to function in a healthy manner and re-enter society with the necessary tools to remain free from relapse.

This all-inclusive approach offers the best opportunity for a life free from drugs. It is the reason for the high success rate of Vistabay. The length of Vistabay drug rehab is dependent on the individual needs of each client. Some of the details are described in the Vistabay rehab videos that have been created for informational purposes.

In developing the method Vistabay considered that not everyone will start the program at the same level. This simply means that some people will move through the program at a faster pace than others. Vistabay Rehab provides a compassionate approach in this regard also. Regardless of how long it takes a client to complete the program no additional fees are incurred.

Vistabay rehab videos can be viewed for a better understanding of the program. Essentially, clients are assessed, and then they complete a drug-free detoxification, followed by education and therapy. This is where the individuals receive the tools that help prepare them for a drug-free life. There is even an aftercare Vistabay drug rehab program which requires graduates to check in twice weekly for a period of six months. This added support results in a smooth transition back into society and it helps to prevent relapse.

Vistabay Drug Rehab facilities exist at various locations in California. The program has one of the highest success rates in the industry. This is largely because of the unique methodology used in treatment. Vistabay Rehab applies a holistic approach that addresses each client as an individual with one of a kind needs. Clients are treated as whole beings, with each aspect of their person being addressed. Vistabay rehab videos are provided which supply information that can answer frequently asked questions.



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