Blair Rewards Continues to Fill Tony's Pocket Book with Hardly No Complaint from The People


Released on: April 04, 2010, 6:25 pm
Industry: Consumer Services

It is amazing how democratic nations allow their leaders to use their money to set themselves up for future prosperity while tanking the economy. The people of the UK are apparently apathetic to their present condition as a result of Blair rewards. For a time there were a few voices that waged Blair rewards complaints. However, that has all blown over as former Prime Minister Tony Blair knew it would.

As an increasingly global population, there seems to be a lack of the spirit that is spoken of throughout history. Perhaps the history books are essentially glorified accounts of the same state of apathy that is apparent today.

It could be well postulated that Blair rewards could have gone in a different direction. Ideally, one would hope that political leaders would place individuals into positions for the benefit of the country. Additionally, one would hope that they would lavishly entertain individuals that would be influential to promoting long-term prosperity of the country.

In business, a similar type of Blair rewards is commonplace. However, if the benefit does not come back to the business and only promotes the individual, then the individual’s position is in jeopardy given the assumption that it is a well-run business. The somewhat lack of Blair rewards complaints by the people of the UK is perhaps a result of the government being too far removed from the populous.

It is difficult to say how progress can be made when there is only fickle action taken by the population. Perhaps the role of the individual in regards to governance is becoming more distant. Perhaps an explanation of the tone of Blairrewards complaints is a result of an ever-increasing void between the population and the government.

Although individuals are in a state with ever-increasing information, the information paradox states that those in position to leverage it can and will and those not in positions to leverage it will not. The result is an ever-increasing void between the government and the people. Regarding Blair rewards, it may be viewed simply as an insignificant matter. Given the present state of the general population’s financial position and Tony Blair’s financial position, it is somewhat curious that there are not more Blair rewards complaints voiced by the people.

Moving forward from Blair rewards it will be interesting to witness the next generation of politicians leveraging a nation to promote their personal ambitions. It appears that the environment is ripe for such an occurrence and it will be a good test of people to measure the number of complaints.

Bobby Blair is a freelance writer concerned with the increasing gap between government and the population. Based on the evidence of little to no blair rewards complaints by the populous, there appears to be an approval by failure to act. The result is an open ticket for other individuals to begin their own



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