Blairrewards Program Has Many Benefits Including How To Make A Cancellation The Right Way


Released on: April 07, 2010, 11:37 pm
Industry: Consumer Services

About a year ago, a friend and I learned of the savings offered through the Blair Rewards program. We signed up for the 30-day trial membership and immediately began saving money in all areas of our lives. I had a knack for finding the best deals on everyday purchases, while she used her BlairRewards membership on bigger ticket items such as electronics and vacation packages. When her husband recently lost his job, she questioned whether or not to continue her membership or to request a Blair Rewards program cancellation. We discussed how she had been using her Blair Rewards to save money, and I realized that she was missing out on several opportunities. She even turned me onto a way to save with Blair Rewards that I had not yet tried. Combined, our ideas would more than cover the low monthly fee.

Gift Cards – This is one area where I found significant savings that she had not explored. I buy gift cards to all of my favorite stores through BlairRewards. I then receive 20 percent cash back from the program. That gives me a 20 percent off savings at all of the places where I regularly shop. I even use the gift cards for their original purpose, as gifts. Who doesn't love getting a gift card, so that they can pick out their own present.

Movie Tickets – This is another area about which I was able to enlighten my friend. She had decided to cancel her weekly date night with her husband to save money, until he was working full time again. I told her that through Blair Rewards, I was able to purchase blocks of movie tickets ahead of time at up to 50 percent off. Now she does the same, instead of purchasing them at the theater box office. We also appreciate that BlairRewards doesn't impose an unreasonable limit on the amount of movie tickets you can buy annually. Through the program, you can purchase up to 100 tickets per year. With this benefit, she has her weekly date night covered.

Prescription medications – Here is a Blair Rewards savings opportunity that I had yet to take advantage of, but she had. She receives up to 55 percent off of the prescription medications she and her husband need each month. With the cost of prescription medications rising every day, this is one blairrewards perk that she realized she can't give up now that her husband won't have access to affordable health insurance.

Before my friend made her final decision regarding whether or not to continue her Blair Rewards membership, she looked into how she would request a Blair Rewards program cancellation. Turns out, it couldn't be easier. She would simply go to and fill out a form.

In the end, my friend decided to continue her Blair Rewards membership. She won't be filling out that Blair Rewards program cancellation form after all, and neither will I anytime soon.

Since Bobby Blair signed up for his blair rewards membership, she has used it to receive significant savings in all areas of his life. From everyday purchases to big-ticket items such as vacation packages, she always checks to see if his membership can score him a better deal. She doesn't see a time when she won't use his membership on a regular basis, but if she does she takes comfort in the fact that a blair rewards program cancellation will involve just filling out a form online.



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