California Drug Addiction Centers with The Highest Success Rates In The Industry


Released on: April 29, 2010, 3:04 pm
Industry: Healthcare

New studies have shown that on average, California drug addiction centers have the highest success rates in the industry. Up to 76% percent of the graduates in some of these facilities remain totally drug free. The commonality among the facilities with the highest rates of success is individualized treatment plans. This personalized approach insures that clients will be treated as individual persons with addiction problems rather than people with addictions. The distinction has been made extremely clear by the Narconon drug rehab program. Addressing the whole person, including the causes, thought processes and methods of addiction are important elements of this approach to drug rehab. California is not the only state that has documented higher success rates among rehabilitation centers that offer a personalized approach to treatment. The Narconon program has proven its value and is now being implemented in more and more facilities everywhere.

April, 2010 – Recent comparisons have shown that several California drug addiction centers have a much higher than average success rate. Upon closer look, it is the rehabilitation facilities that utilize the Narconon program which have the highest rates of success. Many of these centers have noted up to 76% and more of the graduates of their programs remain drug free. Considering that the average success rate is about 20% this is an astonishing achievement. The Narconon program focuses on a personalized approach to drug rehab. California rehabilitation centers and others throughout the nation are taking notice of this methodology and the fact that it works even for individuals that have tried other rehab treatments without success.

Drug addiction centers with this incredible success rate use a program that is actually broken into four distinct segments, or phases. The first phase of this type of rehab begins like most others, with detox. However, the Narconon program provides for a sauna-based, drug-free detoxification. This is the foundation to the program and is required before other phases can begin.

Phase II of the program is very similar to therapy offered in other types of drug rehab. California is not different from other states in finding that many people begin a drug habit in order to escape the pressures of everyday living. This phase of treatment has a focus on teaching self-control. This allows individuals face the realities of life and handle the associated stresses without relapsing.

The third phase of the Narconon program requires a continued educational process. This one is directed at building or re-building self-esteem, which also helps to relieve the need for drugs. Phase IV is the follow-up drug rehab. California Drug Addiction Centers program graduates often attribute their success to the quality of the follow up care received. This care provides the ideal way to successfully re-enter society. Support is provided through the first year of recovery.

Narconon offers personalized drug rehab. California centers using the program have experienced incredible success rates. The Narconon program has no fixed time limit and it is provided at a fixed cost regardless of whether an individual graduates in 3 months, 6 months, or longer. Besides the ‘no time frame’, drug-free detoxification is another essential element of Narconon drug rehab. California drug rehab facilities and others across the nation are embracing this program because of its proven success.

Leland Michaels writes extensively about substance abuse and Drug Rehab California. In a comprehensive review of various statistics and programs, Michaels found that the Narconon Program is the most successful approach to drug rehab. California rehabilitation centers have long practiced the 12 Step program and other methods of recovery. However, the unique personalization offered by Narconon provides astounding success rates. Although this technique is uniquely personalized, it adheres to a series of standardized steps to drug rehab. California is leading the nation in using this approach, and therefore, the state has an above average success rate. More information about Drug Rehab California and the Narconon Program can be found at:

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