FDA Blunder and Cover-up Kills Millions


Released on: April 13, 2010, 12:05 am
Author: Magnesium Online Library
Industry: Healthcare

The World Health Organization (WHO) has just recommended that drinking water contain 25-50 mg of magnesium (Mg) per liter to prevent deaths from heart attack and stroke. www.MgWater.com/download American bottled water averages <5 mg of magnesium per liter, while bottled water in the rest of the world averages about 20 mg of magnesium per liter.

The FDA and DOJ caused the Mg-deficient-water problem by destroying the American mineral water industry in the 1930's, in the mistaken belief that pure water was good, and that mineral water was just impure water.

Epidemiological studies indicate that millions of Americans have died due to the FDA's and DOJ's destruction of the American mineral water industry. See:

For decades, the evidence has been overwhelming that Americans are very deficient in Mg, as evidenced by the 23% shortfall from the RDI, yet the FDA and DOJ have covered up their blunder, getting a Federal lawsuit dismissed before the evidence could be shown, and keeping silent about the millions of deaths indicated by over 50 epidemiological studies from nine countries.

Now, it is up to the FDA and DOJ to end this travesty, requiring the Mg content of bottled or canned beverages to be put in labels' nutrition panels, and requiring that all bottled or canned beverages contain at least 25 mg of Mg per liter.

Foods no longer contain as much magnesium as they did a century ago, due to increased food processing and possible soil depletion. Consumers have generally rejected magnesium-rich whole grain foods like brown rice and brown bread, in favor of magnesium-stripped white rice and white bread. Bottled beverages are the most practical way of delivering magnesium to consumers.

Recent studies clearly confirm that water-borne Mg is far, far better in preventing cardiovascular pathologies than food-borne Mg. For more information, go to the Magnesium Online Library at www.MgWater.com


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