How to Negotiate Effectively and Peacefully With the IRS

Holistic Lawyer Duane Light helps his clients overcome their fear of the IRS and create positive outcomes.


Released on: April 16, 2010, 12:03 am
Author: Duane Light, Holistic Lawyer
Industry: Law

April 16, 2010. San Anselmo, California - California Holistic Lawyer Duane Light counsels his clients to have compassion for any authority figure they speak with, and to approach them as a "friend in the making." Here is an inspiring story from one of Duane's past clients:

"I am a professional counselor.  In 2002, I had a beautiful and profound outcome with an IRS tax issue, based on an "enlightened" approach suggested to me by my friend and Holistic Attorney Duane Light. When I first spoke to Duane, I was afraid of the IRS. I had a large IRS debt that grew after a serious injury kept me from earning income for two years. I didn't know what to do and was especially afraid of calling them.  

I called Duane, and he gave me guidance to call the IRS with an open heart, honesty and compassion.  He suggested that I "treat the IRS agent as a friend in the making."   He told me that the average job turnover in the IRS is 9 months, and that many of these individuals don't enjoy their work. and rarely experience compassion and care from someone on the other end of the phone line.  

After meditating and praying until I became calm, and when I sincerely felt that I could care for the person on the other end of the line, I made the call.  My heart was open toward the IRS agent, and I know he felt that. I was able to be friendly, direct and truthful about my financial situation.  Amazingly, the agent reclassified my debt as uncollectible!  All my dealings with the IRS since that time have been completely benign and full of good will." S.F., Mill Valley , California

Mr. Light also recommends being organized with numbers, paperwork, and an offer that you can follow through on, so you can help the agent with his or her analysis. And, if you get the rare belligerent agent on the phone, it's o.k. to say that something came up and that you have to go, disconnect and call back a little later - you'll get a new agent and can start anew.

Duane Light became a holistic lawyer in 1996, limiting his practice to people who wish to invoke their highest principals and create spiritually fulfilling outcomes. Mr. Light now enjoys higher client satisfaction, and cases generally go more smoothly and more often result in win-win outcomes.

You can learn more about this effective and compassionate approach at Mr. Light can be reached at or 877-275-5444.

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