Smart Traffic Review and Recommend Search Engine Reputation Management Strategies to Clients


Released on: April 26, 2010, 4:41 am
Author: Smart Traffic
Industry: Internet & Online

Smart Traffic the UK’s largest SEO Company review and recommend SERM strategies to clients who wish to safeguard their online reputation from malicious sources

Bristol – 26th April, 2010 – In response to client concerns, Smart Traffic recommend the most effective SERM strategies to combat libellous online content.

Smart Traffic offer SERM advice and strategies in order to help clients protect themselves from people with malicious intent who intend to damage the reputation of their business.

Andy Birt Managing Director of Smart Traffic says, ‘We have introduced this SERM advisory service in response to client concerns, we share their opinion that why should one or more disgruntled people ruin a hard earned reputation? Much of this malicious content is written anonymously and could be uploaded by anyone from disgruntled ex employees to competitors.’

Andy goes onto say that, ‘A good reputation in the business world can take years to build and although the internet has opened up a whole new world of opportunity for businesses and the consumer alike it is open to abuse.’

SERM or Online Reputation Management (ORM) can be achieved through effective SEO and SMO and maintained through monitoring. Reputation damaging content can come from a variety of sources including but not limited to: Forums, Blogs, Consumer Sites and perhaps even sites associated with class action litigation or similar.

The SERM recommendations from Smart Traffic can usually be implemented as part of an
aggressive SEO strategy and although businesses can perform some SERM independently it is a time consuming and laborious process and generally only effective in the short term.

Established in 2006 Smart traffic have become one of the UK’s leading SEO Companies and count a number of household names as clients.

For further information on how effective SERM can be established through SEO and SMO please contact Smart Traffic using the contact information detailed below.

Contact Details: Stuart Pollington
Service Delivery Manager
Smart Traffic
Tel: 0845 331 3512



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