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Released on: April 06, 2010, 10:17 pm
Author: QueryCLick LTD
Industry: Financial

Announcing his ideas earlier this week, Prime Minister Gordon Brown outlined ambitious plans to reform Britain's social care with the creation of an NHS-style national care service.

The reform, which will be set into three stages, will begin with a “radical overhaul” of care in the home that will provide support and services to encourage elderly people to live independently for longer in their own homes.

With lengthy waiting lists topping healthcare concerns for many UK residents, it is hoped that the social care reform will help alleviate future strain on the NHS where increased life expectancy of the 'baby-boomer' generation could lead to demand outstripping supply.

A representative for praised the Government's attempts to future proof the NHS even though the effects of any social care reform could take years to become apparent:

“The Government are right to have acted on current trends that suggest the NHS could face huge challenges in the future. Budget cuts, a growing population and increased life expectancy all add to an already strained NHS so providing improved support means elderly people are less likely to end up in hospital when they could be living independently or in a care home.

“It's worth remembering though that the effects of any care reform will take years to filter through. If UK citizens are looking to avoid waiting lists and want guaranteed access to prompt treatment they are still better off going private until the benefits of any reform come to fruition.”

The reform has not gone without criticism however as a number of charities and care groups claim the Government's aspirations – such as free residential care for anyone who has been in care for more than two years - cannot be backed up by solid and sustained local funding.

QuoteBoffin went on to further explain the concerns of those opposed to the reform:

“The social care white paper has met criticism from a number of charities and groups whose job it is to look after vulnerable people – such as disabled adults – who feel their needs have been ignored in favour of looking after the elderly.

"The Government have a difficult balancing act ahead of them if they want to improve care for the elderly without redirecting funds from other areas and subsequently neglecting other members of society who also need support. Only time will tell as to whether the reform will be successful by taking pressure off the NHS while maintaining the wants and needs of everyone."

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