Web Content Management Systems Improve Overall Efficiency


Released on: April 14, 2010, 12:01 am
Author: DPCI
Industry: Management

An increasing trend for organizations is to ensure an effective and efficient means to manage web content. While there are variations from one Web content management system to another, the overall gains in efficiency can ripple through an organization, alleviating technical staff members and placing control over Web content into the hands of the individuals most familiar with organizational Web objectives.

Among the many types of Web content management systems is an open source project known as Drupal. Because of its flexibility and easy-to-use platform a well-deployed implementation of Drupal can be very valuable to an organization.

April, 2010 – databasepublish.com - Many executives and decision makers know what they want when it comes to a Web content management system. Making the right decision for the organization requires investigating Drupal content management solutions and a variety of other products on the market.

For reduced risk and additional assurance for a successful implementation, it is advantageous to employ a content management consultant to help easily differentiate among the potential Web content management systems. An experienced content management consultant may provide a better value assessment than a traditional in-house selection team could.

After deciding to implement a Web content management system, the ability to assess the various systems on a level playing field is highly beneficial. This includes examining core functionality, customizability, and the potential integration capability with existing systems. Naturally, timelines for different phases of the project and cost of the entire project are important to consider as well.

An experienced content management consultant is excellent at not only placing the various attributes and benefits of different systems into perspective, but they are also exceptional at providing insight into viewing a Web content management system in ways that may otherwise go unnoticed. In other words, a professional consultant can help eliminate the sales pitch aspect of procuring a system and provide solid recommendations for value added efficiency.

The consultant’s level of experience with a broad range of content management solutions is important to consider when choosing a Web content management system. A consultant that is familiar with implementing and tailoring not only Drupal content management systems but a wide-range of content management solutions can help reduce any bias that might arise from a consultant who is only familiar with one type of system.

Advantages of Drupal content management solutions are that they are easy to use and provide the efficiency required to improve market competitiveness. The Drupal content management system provides unified administration. Its flexibility allows non-technical staff members from multiple departments to post and edit rich content across a large number of Web pages and sub-sites. This includes blog postings, tagging, press releases, video, photo galleries, searching functions and e-commerce functionality.

While Drupal is an excellent product, an experienced content management consultant can help to determine if it is a proper fit for a company’s organizational objectives. Web content management systems are strategic tools that are assisting many organizations to obtain the desired Web presence with the efficiency required in today’s marketplace.

DPCI understands that reliable web content management systems help to create competitive advantages in the marketplace. For the past 11 years, DPCI has acquired the professional and technical requirements necessary for consulting, tailoring and implementing a successful drupal content management system.

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