What Is Blair Rewards Program Honestly Showing the People


Released on: May 11, 2010, 5:51 am
Author: Bobby Blair
Industry: Consumer Services

Public opinion is by its very nature transitory and subject to change, oftentimes on a dime. It seems as though the Blair rewards program played-out in favor of former Prime Minister Tony Blair and not the people. For those wondering, what is Blair rewards? It was essentially the term for how Tony Blair rewarded individuals for falling into line to support his personal agenda.

As Blair rewards became more and more apparent to the people, there was somewhat of
a doubt as to whether or not it would have turned out to favor the needs of the people. As time went on it became clearer that the needs of the people were a secondary concern at best.

Presently, the result of the Blair rewards program has placed Tony Blair in a lucrative position while the population he was supposed to be leading is enduring an economic recession. It has become clear that question of what is blair rewards going to provide for the people is really next to nothing. Perhaps it is worse than nothing as the actions of the previous administration have resulted in economic despair.

With a post-political appointment worth millions of pounds a year the Blair rewards program is paying handsomely for Tony Blair. The cost to the people is hundreds of billions to trillions. Anyway one looks at it is truly a poor return on investment. In light of the current climate there is little anyone can say or do to remedy the situation.

What is Blair rewards doing in terms of providing a lesson to the people? Only time will tell if the general public will nip incumbent politicians in the bud should they decide to repeat history for their own agenda. Rather than simply complaining about the situation, perhaps it is best to provide stopgap solutions so abuse of positional power is mitigated.

Solutions to mitigate the potential continuation of a like Blair rewards program are somewhat encumbered by layer upon layer of bureaucracy. Perhaps the best defense against such instances is an unflinching media, which fights for what is right rather than what is popular and sells in the tabloids. Blair rewards is not a new concept, it is simply a modern-day manifestation of an individual seeking to further their own aims by leveraging the futures of many.

Blair rewards will likely continue in different forms for as long as there are people. In an age when there is so much potential that demonstrates how far we have come technologically, it is somewhat disappointing to discover that humanity is incredibly far behind socially. The future still holds great promise as there is still much to gain.

Bobby Blair is a freelance writer dedicated to advocating for the people. Bobby Blair is interested in determining what is blair rewards providing as a societal indicator. The people should be aware as to the future potential consequences of a similar blair rewards program.



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