Alexanders Continues Commitment to Students' Well-Being


Released on: June 21, 2010, 10:24 am
Author: Alexander's School
Industry: Education

Brighton, 9th June, 2010: The success of international schools is dependent on their commitment to both the academic performance of their students and the social environment that they nurture and create for them. Alexanders International School continues to strike this balance as they enter the summer months.

The month of May saw a number of sports competitions at Alexanders - the most recent was an athletics event with the International Community School of London. Students were encouraged to participate in sprint-racing, javelin, discus, long-jumping and shot-put competitions.

Apart from the athletics competition, in May, Alexanders also threw a dodgeball charity fundraiser and a karaoke night. Additionally, they can be proud of their students who are participating in the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh Award programme. May has seen the completion of one of these students’ requirements for the Bronze level. The Duke of Edinburgh Award allows them to engage with their community, commit to physical fitness and get involved in the world around them.

Coupled with this, Alexanders continues to value and monitor a high standard of academic performance from its students. The aim of the curriculum continues to be preparation for entrance into university, and other higher level education programmes across the UK, and increasing their fluency in the English language. With more than 70 countries represented in the student body, Alexanders seeks to nurture a broader cultural diversity and to assist its students in the frequently daunting task of adjusting to a new country and environment.

These two aspects of the school help students become well-rounded individuals, who know the importance of performing to their best ability inside and outside the classroom.

It should be the aim of all boarding schools to provide their students with life skills - the skills to succeed in a job and in their social and personal lives. The friendships and acquaintances that are made in the classroom and on the field mirror adult life - they require students to respond reasonably and solve problems.

Alexanders International School will carry its commitment to its students' academic and personal development through into the month of June and beyond.

About Alexanders International School Bawdsey: Alexanders is an international boarding school for young students from all over the world. The school provides high-quality English language tuition, in combination with school subjects, to students aged 11 to 17 years old.

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