Drug Treatment Center in San Francisco Provides Hope to the Addicted



Released on: June 18, 2010, 4:17 am
Author: Leland Michaels
Industry: Healthcare

Many times, an addict must hit rock bottom before he seeks help. His life has to be a mess, his family and friends estranged, before he seriously considers drug and alcohol rehab. When that time comes, he can turn to Drug-Rehab.org to find the best centers for alcohol and drug treatment San Francisco has to offer. The non-profit, drug and alcohol rehab referral service connects an addict with the right center – one from its comprehensive database of the many centers for drug and alcohol rehab San Francisco has – for his addictions and budget. This allows the addict to enter treatment, and it allows the center to provide him with the hope and resources he needs to become a sober member of society again.

June 2010 – The drug and alcohol rehab referral service Drug-Rehab.org offers its services in all states, providing hope to addicts and their families everywhere. California in particular has a great need for the alcohol and drug treatment centers in the organization's database. Drugs easily enter the state through California's border with Mexico, resulting in a high rate of drug arrests within the state: Every day, 610 drug arrests are made. Alcoholism also remains a serious issue in California, with 460 DUI arrests happening every day, making it vital to provide quality drug and alcohol rehab. San Francisco alone has roughly 20 residents die from alcohol-related deaths and four residents die from illegal-drug overdoses every month. These statistics keep the counselors at Drug-Rehab.org more than busy matching addicts with one of the many centers for alcohol and drug treatment San Francisco has.

If an addict has hit rock bottom and wants to find hope again at an alcohol and drug treatment San Francisco center, he can go to Drug-Rehab.org today and start his research. The website offers extensive information about various addictions and their treatments, and it also features success stories from the many addicts who have found the right drug and alcohol rehab San Francisco center for them through Drug-Rehab.org. T.T., a teacher, had this to say about the drug and alcohol treatment San Francisco referral service provided by Drug-Rehab.org:

“It took waking up on the street to persuade me to get help for my addiction. That night, I picked up the phone and called the drug-rehab.org Call Center. It’s a year later. I’m drug-free, and I have urged many other addicts I know to call the drug-rehab.org Call Center. Thank you.”

All of the success stories on the website are filled with hope and provide inspiration for those just starting to think about going to an alcohol and Drug Treatment San Francisco center.

If an addict is ready to be connected with the right drug and alcohol treatment San Francisco center for him, he can call 877-899-7086 to speak to a placement counselor. He also can request that a placement counselor call him by filling out the callback form on the website.

The non-profit referral service has connected thousands of addicts with the best drug and Alcohol Rehab San Francisco has to offer. Author Leland Michaels has visited many of the city's treatment centers and has talked with clients about their struggles and successes. Michaels has a masters degree in psychology, which helps him write with more authority about drug and Alcohol Treatment San Francisco centers. Whenever he is asked for a referral for alcohol or drug treatment, he points the addict or his loved one toward Drug-Rehab.org. http://www.drug-rehab.org/



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