Makewell Meditour Helps Nigerian Family Find a Facility to Perform Rare Separation Surgery for Conjoined Twins



Released on: June 21, 2010, 8:36 am
Author: Makewell Meditour
Industry: Healthcare

Makewell Meditour Ltd., a pioneer in India’s medical tourism industry lived up to its tagline - “Connecting you to good health” when it successfully organised the surgery that gave a new life to eight month old, co-joined Nigerian twins.

The eight-month-old twins shared a common gut from the duodenum to the end of the small intestine; along with having interconnected large intestines and blood vessels, the twin girls also shared a common liver and gall bladder. Understandably, the surgery to separate them was going to be an extremely complex one and to a large extent beyond the reach of their father, Emmanuel Adugbe who works in an ice cream factory and mother, Comfort Adugbe-, a housewife.

With the ratio of such occurrences being one in every 1, 00,000, the rarity and complexity of the surgery was not in their favour and the parents approached Makewell – an ISO certified company, in November 2009 to enquire about the medical facilities available in India. The team from Makewell realised that the success rate of such operations is only 30% and conducted a due diligence on what the best route would be while ensuring the comfort and peace of mind of the family with the progress they were making with their research.

Through the company’s networking with the best medical practices, leading healthcare institutions and doctors, most of whom have received overseas medical training and are widely acclaimed for their medical acumen; they ensured complete care of family’s medical procedures at a fraction of what it would cost anywhere.

After months of dedicated search, Makewell presented this case to the Narayana Hrudayalaya Woman and Child Institute, which agreed to conduct the complex surgery. Many surgeons who were part of this had operated on Lakshmi Tatma in 2007, born with her partially formed parasitic twin and had eight limbs. A team of 24 doctors operated on co-joined Nigerian twins, Peace and Patience Adugbe, and successfully separated them despite their complex internal anatomy.

The success of this operation is a big achievement for Makewell that is setting itself apart through the provision of its professional services and its end to end solutions provision – a service which they provided this family by taking care of and organising not only the surgery but also the passports, visas and all their travel arrangements.

The personalised care, hospitality and quick response time to an urgent medical situation provided to this family by Makewell and the entire medical team is a true example of the leading medical facilities available in India today. Parents of the girls have expressed their gratitude to India and specifically to Makewell for making it possible for their girls to have a normal life. CEO of Makewell Meditour Ltd., Mr. Sandeep Khemka has to say - "It feels great that we worked on this case. It further strengthens the fact that India is indeed an apt medical tourism destination; truly a milestone for the company as well because sometimes satisfaction comes from going beyond the call of the duty.”

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