Masterseek Emerges As A Top B2B Search Engine



Released on: June 23, 2010, 5:31 am
Author: Masterseek Corp.
Industry: Internet & Online

Masterseek is now one of the strongest brands in the category business portals in Europe.

Masterseek, the global B2B search engine, has become a successful brand among the business portals in Europe. This successful search engine covers information on 82 million active companies and their products all over the world. According to Alexa, Masterseek has outperformed the many business portals in Europe and emerging successfully as one of the strongest brands. Alexa ranked Masterseek as the number one business portal because of some outstanding statistics. The site witnesses visit of more than 3.000,000 business people every month from all around the world. It has more than 1,000,000 pages on Google and more than 1,800,000 people makes their business decisions every month by using the business platform of Masterseek to find new business, suppliers, manufacturers, products and services. Masterseek is also ranked top as an international business search tool by Google and Yahoo.

In terms of online presence, Masterseek has outperformed its competitors. It has got top rankings from Alexa Traffic and the major search engines, which proves its success in the online arena of business portals. It has a huge number of indexed pages in Google in comparison to the competitor websites. Indexed pages stand for the number of pages that are included in the result of the search engine. Higher number of indexed pages indicates that the number of visitors of the website is also high. Presently, Masterseek has three million and above Google indexed pages and the number is increasing rapidly. In comparison to that, the indexed pages by Google for the competitor websites like are around 2.8 million, around 1.7 million and Europages around 1.8 million.

Masterseek incorporates excellent search engine optimization strategies, and it is the vital reason for it an immense success. The President of Masterseek, Mr. Rasmus Refer has quoted long back - ”Ever since focusing on search engine optimization as our most important marketing strategy in the beginning of 2006 we have experienced an incredible increase in visitors to our website. It appears that in this regard we are already beating a lot of our competitors before we even launch officially.”

Masterseek has emerged as one of the strongest business portals not just in Europe, but also in many other parts of the world. It is functioning as the most detailed B2B search engine that helps in establishing contacts between suppliers and buyers all around the globe. Using this search engine, the users can enjoy free and fast access to company profiles, details about products and services, contact information, and a lot more.

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