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Released on: June 11, 2010, 03:17 am
Author: Sam Baker
Industry: Healthcare

Nature's Best, one of the UK’s leading direct suppliers of quality health products and vitamin supplements, have released a new Strawberry Protein Shake just in time for the summer season, and it is being hailed as their tastiest yet.

Research shows that adults lost between 0.5 and 2% of their muscle each year once they reach the age of 40. Therefore, it is essential that you include enough muscle-boosting protein in your diet as you get older. The problem is however many over 50’s do not get their recommended daily allowance of protein. Combine this with the fact muscle deterioration coincides with less frequent exercise and a serious problem could be arising.

In response, Nature’s Best has launched a NEW Strawberry Protein Shake, an easy-to-mix power drink containing 19g of high quality whey protein per sachet.

As we grow older, it is increasingly difficult to ensure enough protein is in our diets, due to a number of factors, such as the cost of protein-rich foods (meat and fish), a decline in appetite, a decrease in the ability to absorb nutrients, a change in taste preference, as well as difficulty with chewing. A protein supplement is an easy way to ensure that these advised quantities are effectively met.

The shakes are Nature’s Best most delicious yet, flavoured with real strawberries and are gluten-free, preservative-free, aspartame-free and can be consumed cold or warm, with water or with milk. Whey is one of the highest quality proteins available and contains significant amounts of all important amino acids. Whey also has a high-absorption rate and is easy to digest.

In addition to nutrition guidance, Nature's Best also recommends regular exercise for the over-50’s as a great way of boosting muscle strength. There are three core areas of training to focus on as you get older;

• Strength training – whereby using resistance promotes muscular contraction, which helps build muscle and improve overall health and well-being.
• Aerobic workouts – Increasing your pulse rate through aerobic exercise improves oxygen consumption by the body and thus boosting the condition of the heart.
• Stretching – Some simple stretches before and after any form of exercise improves muscle and joint elasticity and promotes muscle tone.

Nature’s Best Strawberry Protein Shakes cost £12.90 for 12 x 30g sachets. For more information, visit

Nature’s Best is one of the UK’s leading direct suppliers of top quality nutritional supplements. With a UK call centre and established in 1981, the company prides itself of supplying over 150 products manufactured and extensively tested in the UK.

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