Sex and the Citibank: Shimmering Resumes' Plan to Rescue Gorgeous Banking Officer


Released on: June 07, 2010, 3:50 am
Author: Paul Freiberger / Shimmering Resumes
Industry: Human Resources

Cash may be cold while the banker is too hot to handle. Debrahlee Lorenzana, a successful and attractive New York City banker, is suddenly out of work and needs the help of a professional resume writer. Shimmering Resumes has offered to help her revive her career during these difficult economic times.

Ms. Lorenzana, 33, a Business Banking Officer with Citibank since 2008, said the financial giant fired her because she is attractive, too attractive. Lorenzana typically wore turtlenecks and pencil skirts to work, appropriate professional attire, she said, adding that Citibank said her “shapeliness” was too distracting to her male colleagues, so she should not dress like other women. The bank claimed that Lorenzana was terminated due to poor on-the-job performance.

“Maybe she should wear a burka,” her attorney told a local New York TV news program.

Paul Freiberger, President of Shimmering Resumes, a California-based career counseling and resume writing service, says he can save Lorenzana the hassle of a lawsuit.

Lorenzana has filed a gender discrimination lawsuit against Citibank. “She could pay an attorney thousands or more. For a fraction of that, I’ll write her a professional banking resume, help her look for a job, and train her to interview. She should be drawing a salary in no time, making a difference at a company that appreciates her special skills.

“I see a career change in her future,” Freiberger said. Asked if he would hire Lorenzana, he said, “No comment.”

Contact Details: 63 Bovet Rd., San Mateo, CA 94402, 877-796-9737,


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