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Released on: June 30, 2010, 11:25 am
Author: Bernie Grohsman, Founder,
Industry: Healthcare

Asking for help is an alcoholic's first step toward sobriety. It is an important step, one that should not be wasted by placing the alcoholic in the wrong alcohol treatment center for him. helps an alcoholic – or his loved ones – find the right alcohol treatment for his individual needs. Created by recovering addict Bernie Grohsman, the comprehensive directory has more than 11,000 detailed listings, plus live phone assistance to narrow the options down to one. Access to both the directory and the addiction helpline is free.

June 2010 – It takes great strength for an alcoholic to ask for help, strength that can be drained away by the overwhelming number of alcohol treatment options available today. has more than 11,000 listings for alcohol treatment centers and professionals across the country, ensuring that the alcoholic need not travel far for help, and live phone assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to determine which alcohol rehabilitation center suits his specific situation. There is no cost to use the online directory or to talk with an addiction specialist.

An alcoholic – or his loved ones – take that first step toward sobriety by filling out the confidential assessment form at He provides his name, email address and phone number, plus detailed addiction and medical histories. The assessment form can be filled out by the alcoholic or his loved ones. After receiving the assessment form, an addiction specialist will contact the alcoholic or his loved ones to discuss alcohol treatment options. An addiction specialist also can fill out the form with the alcoholic or his loved ones over the phone at 877-335-4673, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. By the end of the call, the right alcohol rehabilitation center for the alcoholic will be determined.

If an alcoholic or his loved ones are not yet ready to ask for help, is still a valuable resource. The website has in-depth information about alcoholism and drug addiction, plus resources related to the various alcohol treatment programs available today, including 12-Step treatment, holistic treatment, acupuncture treatment, sauna treatment, religious-based treatment, alternative-lifestyle treatment, and meditative and yoga treatment. An alcoholic also might find the final push he needs to enter an alcohol treatment center. The website's community area features forums and chat rooms in which recovering addicts discuss their challenges and successes, and a blog with inspirational quotes and news items about alcohol treatment. Reviews of the different alcohol rehabilitation centers also are available on the website.

In addition to alcohol treatment, the rehabilitation centers listed on also deal with drug addiction, eating disorders, Internet addiction and gambling addiction. Those looking for an alcohol rehabilitation center – or a rehabilitation center dealing with any of the issues mentioned – that specializes in helping teens also will find resources on the website.

About and Bernie Grohsman: Being a recovering addict himself who lost his only brother to addiction in his early-20s, Bernie Grohsman created to help alcoholics find the right alcohol treatment center for their individual needs. To schedule an interview with Grohsman, call 408-210-4910. Alcoholics or their loved ones can call 1-877-335-4673 seven days a week, 24 hours a day, or visit to begin their search an alcohol rehabilitation center.

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