Yahoo/Facebook Deal Brings a Level of Consistency to Social Networking According to SEO Specialists



Released on: June 16, 2010, 3:25 am
Author: QueryCLick LTD
Industry: Internet & Online

In an age when many users are active on a multitude of social networking sites, it makes sense that steps have been taken to link Yahoo and Facebook together in a bid to create a more efficient and cohesive web of networks. SEO experts see this as a clever move by both sides, and is aware of the potential benefits of such a deal.

Yahoo and Facebook have recently announced a site tie-up, reasserting further their relationship in the process.

The dealings between the two began last year with Yahoo's integration of Facebook's Connect, a service which allows one to log-in to other services using one's Facebook ID, as well as allowing users to view what their friends have been reading, watching, and enjoying on the social networking site, and to subsequently receive recommendations from such friends.

Speaking of Yahoo's integration of Facebook's Connect, Vice President of Yahoo Jim Stoneham explained that:

“You will be able to see your friends' activities on Yahoo! and share Yahoo! content...directly on your Facebook stream.”

With the extension of the partnership, users with a presence on Yahoo and Facebook have the ability to update both sites simultaneously as the information on one site is automatically transferred to the other. believes that such cohesion and consistency enhances the social networking experience, creating comprehensively accurate profiles for users.

Furthermore, the linking of the sites will allow for easier sharing of information and services with friends, even those who are only active on one of the two sites.

In SEO terms, consistency is a valuable attribute, as is the close interaction of social networking sites. A spokesperson commenting
on the benefits of the deal explained that:

“The information sharing which will inevitably result from this relationship will be hugely beneficial for advertising purposes, with friendly recommendations and promotions flitting between sites and reaching a vastly widened user population.”

Such information sharing is an effective way of promoting the website's of content providers. Connect, for instance, paved the way for a stream of traffic for both sites involved.

Such cross-site presence will be greatly enhanced by the latest co-operation between Yahoo and Facebook, with each party contributing immensely to the overall popularity of both.

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