Dem-Con Shingle Grinding, Shingle Processing Poised for Growth



Released on: July 23, 2010, 7:05 am
Author: Dem-Con Companies
Industry: Construction

SHAKOPEE, Minn., July 2010 – Dem-Con Companies, an innovator in construction and demolition recycling and one of the top shingle recycling companies in the area, announced today that it has increased investment into mobile shingle grinding. Dem-Con’s mobile recycling service diverts shingles from landfills into cost-effective, environmentally sound replacement to virgin oil used in hot-mix asphalt.

“Our activities parallel the findings of the recent NDA survey, and we at Dem-Con echo the optimism expressed by some member companies,” said Chris Guillemette, vice president, business development, Dem-Con Companies. “Our experience and reinvestment into Dem-Con’s shingle recycling service puts us in a position to accommodate this growth and service landfills and other facilities that collect but that do not have the internal resources to recycle shingles.”

As a full or custom on-site service, Dem-Con’s mobile shingle grinding utilizes customers’ own equipment to save cost. For facilities not equipped with the machinery, Dem-Con supplies all of the equipment, providing technical and operational assistance -- from delivery of shingles from the jobsite to hot mix design. The service includes a mobile staff that can travel anywhere in the U.S. The company’s capital expenditures into this business enable its staff to travel anywhere in the U.S. and fit into the customer’s schedule.

Dem-Con Shingle Processing is a company developed to recover shingles resulting from the manufacturing process as well as tear-off shingles from homes. Tens of thousands of tons are currently buried in landfills each year and Dem-Con shingle recycling is working to recover and provide alternative uses for this material to reduce reliance on virgin asphalt. Dem-Con works with many government and other organizations to develop equipment, specifications and end-use options for this material. The company, which will recycle more than 25,000 tons of shingles in 2010, offers local and mobile shingle grinding services.

About Dem-Con
Dem-Con Companies is a third generation family owned and operated facility that has been responsibly handling twin cities waste materials since 1965. Dem-Con Companies is comprised of four distinct divisions: Recovery & Recycling, Landfill, Shingle Processing and Green Fuels, an early stage R&D developing new methods to produce fuel for green power initiatives. As a leader in responsible waste processing and disposal, Dem-Con incorporates the latest technologies and equipment to recycle landfill waste into green products eligible for LEED credits. For construction and demolition materials that are unable to be recycled, Dem-Con works with waste management systems to offer assurance that these materials are handled safely. For more information, please visit

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Contact Details: Chris Guillemette
VP of Business Development
Dem-Con Companies
Shakopee, MN 55379



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