EZ Saver Rewards Saves Money Keeping Easy Saver Cancellations A Thing Of The Past



Released on: July 27, 2010, 4:12 am
Author: Jackie Esco
Industry: Consumer Services

A friend recently told me that she planned to cancel her ez saver rewards membership. Money has been tight for her family, and she didn't feel like she could afford the low monthly fee. I reminded her of the hundreds of dollars she has saved over the years on a variety of products and services. I also asked her if the savings covered the monthly membership fee. It did, and she began to reconsider her decision to fill out an easy saver cancellations form. I also told her about the many ways I have learned to save money through my easysaver rewards membership, including:

Home Improvements – The ez saver rewards membership we belong to partners with more than a few national home improvement stores. Whenever I need to buy anything related to the home, from paint to patio furniture to a new vacuum cleaner, I pair the purchase with my easysaver rewards program membership for significant savings. I reminded my friend that she had several home improvement projects unfinished and that if she filled out the easy saver cancellations form, she would be costing herself money in the long run.

Dinner and a Movie – My ez saver rewards membership makes it possible for my husband and I to have a night out on the town every week. I order discounted movie tickets through the program, along with gift certificates at less than face value for our favorite restaurants. She had never used this particular part of the easysaver rewards program we both belong to, and her eyes lit up when she heard about it. At this point, I saw that she was reconsidering filling out an easy saver cancellations form.

Travel – I use my ez saver rewards membership to plan our vacations. Not only do we save money on cruises and spa getaways, but our program comes with access to a trip planner. The planner recommends hotels, and even restaurants in the cities we visit. While my friend won't be able to afford a spa getaway anytime soon, she does travel back to the east coast to see her elderly parents twice a year. When they bring the entire family, she finds that staying in a hotel suits everyone best. She had not considered the impact filling out the easy saver cancellations form would have on that part of her life.

At the end of our conversation, my friend had decided against canceling her membership. She did tell me, though, that easy saver cancellations couldn't be easier. She could have just filled out the form online or called and spoken to someone in person. Knowing that it is such an easy process actually added to the argument to stay for another month or two, at least.

About the author: Jackie Esco knows how to get a good deal, and she enjoys sharing her wisdom with friends and family. Membership in an easysaver rewards program sits at the top of her list of money saving tips. She has saved money on everything from dining out to cleaning up, and whenever she hears that a friend may cancel their membership, she tells them about all of the ways she saves, in case they don't fully understand how to use the program. She won't be filling out an easy saver cancellations form anytime soon.

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