Easy Saver Rewards Benefits Include How To Cancel My Easy Saver Rewards



Released on: July 24, 2010, 5:45 am
Author: Jackie Esco
Industry: Consumer Services

Times are tight for many of us. Household budgets are being looked at, and non-essential expenses are being eliminated. One expense that some are taking a closer look at is membership in easysaver rewards programs. Savvy shoppers know easy saver cancellations should be a last resort, as memberships such as these save more money than they cost. But, some of us have no choice and, thankfully, canceling couldn't be easier.

When I wanted to cancel my easysaver rewards membership, I did so after careful consideration. After all, the membership has saved my family hundreds of dollars over the past two years. For example:

I used it to buy our new flat screen TV. Most electronics stores have online price matching policies, so getting the best deal doesn't take much effort. Where you can really save, in this area, is by pairing price matching with an easysaver rewards benefit. I did just that and received 15 percent off of the TV purchase. Once I cancel my easy saver rewards membership, I won't have that ability.

Planning vacations were also a breeze with my easysaver rewards membership. Not only did I save us money on trip packages and cruises, but my membership came with access to a travel concierge who helped me plan our trip. She even recommended restaurants in the cities we were visiting. Easy saver cancellations mean no more help on that front.

I'll also being saying goodbye to the discounted movie tickets that my easysaver rewards membership gave me access to on a regular basis. Those, when combined with discounts at favorite restaurants, allowed me to save money on my family's social activities. After I cancel my easy saver rewards, I'll be paying full price for movie tickets again and we will likely not eat out as much.

Home improvement plans will also be put on hold. My easysaver rewards program partnered with several national home improvement stores, allowing us to save money on everything from paint to patio furniture. We'll have to do our spring cleaning without our easysaver rewards program benefits this year, too. Here's hoping that easy saver cancellations don't result our house going down in value; we do want to sell it in a few years.

Once I made up my mind to cancel my easy saver rewards membership, the process was simple. I just logged onto the program's website and filled out a cancellations form. You can also call and speak to someone in person, if that is your preference.

About the Author: Jackie Esco considers herself to be a savvy shopper who knows how to get the best deals on anything and everything. If you can afford the low monthly fee, she recommends joining easysaver rewards programs to save money. She belonged to several herself, but when her husband was laid off recently they had to trim expenses. She found the easy saver cancellations process to be, well, easy, and will rejoin the programs once her family gets back on its feet.

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