Easy Saver Rewards Provides Great Benefits And Easy Ways To Cancel My Easy Saver Rewards



Released on: July 26, 2010, 3:01 am
Author: Jackie Esco
Industry: Consumer Services

Two years ago, I was invited to join an easy saver rewards membership program when I made a purchase from one of the program's partners. It was easy to sign up, and I received a significant discount off of my purchase. I pay a low monthly membership fee and in return, I receive savings opportunities for products and services at a diverse group of stores. I have saved hundreds of dollars with my membership, and each and every month the savings more than paid for the membership fee. Which was why I had such mixed feelings about my decision to cancel my easy saver rewards membership.

My husband lost his job and we had to take a long, hard look at our expenses. We decided that since we were going to be in a holding pattern on spending money on anything but the essentials, that I should cancel my easysaver rewards membership until he was working full time again. We knew we would be giving up the regular opportunities that we had to save money, such as:

Discounted movie tickets and restaurant gift certificates – This is the area where we will feel the loss of my easy saver rewards membership the most. Having the ability to order blocks of movie tickets ahead of time at a reduce rate allowed us to have a weekly date night. We combined the discounted movie tickets with restaurant gift certificates, which we purchased at below face value through my easysaver rewards membership. Date night will no longer be weekly, maybe monthly, once I cancel my easy saver rewards membership.

We'll also need to put on hold the many home improvement projects we had in the works. My easy saver rewards membership program partnered with several national home improvement store chains, making it easy for us to save money on the repairs we were making to our home. My husband losing his job couldn't have come at a worse time, as we have several unfinished projects around the house. If we have to sell our home, that won't help our curb appeal. It's unfortunate that I have to cancel my easy saver rewards membership before we are done.

One positive aspect of this situation is the ease with which I will be able to cancel my easy saver rewards membership. I just have to log onto the program's website and filled out a cancellation form. I can also call and speak to someone in person, if I so choose.

About the Author: Jackie Esco blogs often about how to get the best deals on anything and everything. She saved hundreds of dollars for her family through her easysaver rewards program, until she decided that she could no longer afford the low monthly fee. She still suggests easy saver rewards programs as a way to save money. And, she says, the fact that it was so easy to cancel my easy saver rewards membership is just one more reason why I will rejoin once I can.”

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