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Released on: July 23, 2010, 7:12 am
Author: Jane Smith
Industry: Food & Beverage

London, 23rd July, 2010: There is increasing interest in traditional, fine British foods from small producers. Supermarkets dominate the market for food in Britain, but more and more people are appreciating the value of using small companies that aim to produce high quality food using artisan methods passed down between generations. Forman and Field, a London-based mail order food company, specialises in providing this kind of food.

Founded in 2002, Forman and Field aim to provide traditional foods from small British suppliers in an 'online farmers' market'. Their suppliers all use high quality ingredients and traditional recipes and methods. The company is part of H. Forman and Son, a traditional salmon-smokers and supplier of smoked salmon, other fish and seafood to some of the best restaurants and chefs in London. H. Forman and Son is a family business in operation in East London since 1905.

Many people have an unfounded, poor view of British food, and Forman and Field seek to rectify this. They provide a wide range of traditional foods, which would be regarded by many as among the finest in the world. The company is committed to ensuring that traditional methods of production survive. The salmon smoked by H. Forman and Son is a good example, using their famous 'London Cure', a recipe invented by Harry Forman, the company's founder, in 1905. Many of their suppliers use similarly traditional methods to produce their products, and many have been recognised by various awards.

Forman and Field also work to increase the profile of the fine British foods that they sell. For the last two years, they have organised an open day during British Food Fortnight in September. This has included guided tours of their premises, tastings and a market. Their location opposite the new Olympic stadium means that they are in an ideal position to support British sporting efforts in the 2012 Games. They recently hosted a '1,000-day countdown dinner' in honour of the Games.

About Forman and Field: Forman and Field supply seasonal, gourmet British food, which is made using fresh ingredients and traditional methods. They have a wide selection of foods that can be used for any occasion, from a picnic hamper ideal for summer, to the ever-popular smoked salmon. Their website is easy to use and order from, with products being delivered by courier.

Contact Details: 21 Wilbury Grove
United Kingdom



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