Government Looks to Facebook Users for Ideas on Spending Cuts



Released on: July 12, 2010, 01:41 pm
Author: QueryCLick LTD
Industry: Internet & Online

With 23 million members in the UK alone, the social media site could provide Ministers with a wide ranging source of suggestions from the public with regards to the proposed spending cuts. The growing presence of the political world on social networking is a logical step forward according to SEO experts

The 'Spending Challenge' profile set up by the government has already received some 50,000 responses to their invitation for spending cut ideas. On the page, users are able to discuss spending priorities, offer their views and vote on their favourite suggestions.

It is proposed that the most worthy solutions will be further analysed by Treasury officials, in addition to the Chancellor George Osborne set to meet some of the contributors to the page to discuss their opinions.

This move signifies a turnaround in the view held of social networking sites by Prime Minister David Cameron. Prior to his election into Downing Street, the PM was deemed to be dismissive of this form of communication. Now however, the government is to make Facebook its primary means of public communication on issues of the economy.

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Cameron spoke with Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg to discuss a possible partnership with the site. On a recent visit to London, Zuckerberg was impressed by the level of public oriented online sites created in Britain after attending the London Facebook developer event. One particular project which appealed to Mr Zuckerberg, and one which he discussed with the PM, was the 'Together We Can' initiative. It offers communities in the UK a chance to influence the development of their local area.

The idea of integrating politics into the world of social networking, and subsequently creating a series of dialogues between ministers and voters, is a logical and inevitable step forward according to SEO consultants The increasing usage of social media, and Facebook in particular, cannot afford to be ignored by governments seeking to better understand and converse with a greater majority of the population.

Social media experts believe that this process will vastly increase traffic levels on Facebook, and will even tempt first time users to the site. With such an influx of users, the SEO benefits will be strongly felt in terms of the traffic increase, frequently updated information, and the huge potential for information sharing across sites.

The opportunity now arises for millions to voice their opinions directly to Westminster with a far greater level of efficiency when compared with traditional methods of consulting local MPs. A dedicated team of individuals have been placed at the centre of national government to deal with the public's suggestions.

The deadline for submissions is the 20th October this year.

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