HubShout Promotes Transparency and Accountability in New SEO Reseller Program



Released on: July 07, 2010, 5:45 am
Author: HubShout, LLC
Industry: Internet & Online

HubShout, LLC (“HubShout”) is a national search engine marketing (“SEM”) firm that specializes in search engine optimization (“SEO”) and pay-per-click (“PPC”) management. In 2009, after several successful years of direct client SEO and PPC management, HubShout opened up an SEO reseller program to a select number of web design companies and agencies. This initial launch was actually a pilot program designed to test the applicability of HubShout’s proprietary SEM technology platform to SEO outsourcing. HubShout expanded its SEO reseller programs in 2010 based on early success and positive feedback from pilot program participants.

HubShout’s co-founders, who both have backgrounds in Fortune 100 companies, agreed from Day One that existing SEO reseller programs lacked both transparency and accountability. It seemed logical to them that web design companies and agencies would want to outsource their SEO; however, the state of the SEO reseller industry at that time-particularly the industry’s dominance by off-shore entities-was rife with problems and questionable practices. Many SEO resellers preferred to work under a shroud of mystery and promoted fear of inappropriate SEO tactics as a deal-closing strategy on a regular basis. HubShout views this activity as nothing short of irresponsible business practice and has made transparency in SEO outsourcing a primary focus of its SEO reseller program.

Accountability is another of the major tenets of HubShout’s business philosophy. Many SEO resellers avoid taking direct responsibility for the business results of their outsourcing campaigns. Even those firms that guarantee results tend to do so based on long-tail keyword phrases that reap no real benefits for their clients. HubShout believes that this SEO outsourcing approach is wrong. HubShout believes that the best foundation for a successful working relationship is complete honesty in all business dealings. It prominently displays and regularly discusses its search engine ranking results with resellers and end-customers. Campaigns that, for some reason, are not producing good results are openly addressed. HubShout’s founders firmly believe that successful long-term business relationships are built on open and honest win-win scenarios.

HubShout is proud to offer an SEO reseller option that offers the most transparency and accountability in the SEO marketplace and that is also backed by a proprietary, industry-leading software platform. During any SEO resale campaign, HubShout’s reseller technology platform creates a comfort zone for its clients by issuing regular professional reports in PDF format and providing direct login access to campaign-related workflow and analytics. What’s more, the technology was specifically designed to address 80% of the most common SEO reseller customer support issues. This technology is also available as a white-label option for branding under the web designer’s or agency’s logo. Please contact HubShout directly for information on its SEO reseller program or partnering with HubShout to outsource SEO.

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