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Released on: July 19, 2010, 5:03 am
Author: Masterseek Corp.
Industry: Internet & Online

The number of company profiles is 82 million now and the number is rapidly increasing.

Masterseek, the leading search engine in the Business to Business category is beaming on the success of its company profile concept. It helps the users to find company directories all across the globe in different types of industries. The company profile concept of Masterseek allows the users to search by type of business names, professions, products or services, and location. Earlier, the users get to access the product descriptions, contact information and company profiles from more than 50 million companies in 75 nations. With the success of this concept, the number of the companies that can be accessed by the Masterseek searches have increased even further. The best part is that the number is rising at a rapid speed, which indicates the success of this concept. At present, there are 82 million company profiles within the Masterseek network and the number is increasing.

The company profile concept of Masterseek is greatly beneficial especially for the small and medium companies. These companies can easily incorporate it in sub categories in 26 languages, which increase the visibility factor of these companies.

By spending only 89 USD every year, these companies can enjoy the visibility of their profiles in the other countries. The cost is very low in comparison to the benefits that these companies can enjoy. The business professionals or other enterprises that are based in other countries and need information on these companies can easily search for what they are looking for. The company profile concept of Masterseek is working in a big way.

Masterseek aims to become the most preferred business search engine and analysis tool and it has become quite successful in the process. The introduction of the company profile concept was started with the aim of helping the companies to feature information about their enterprise, products or services in the biggest platform so that the interested users can easily locate potential suppliers, clients and customers and engages into increasing the business prospects.

Searching company profiles by using Masterseek search engine helps to generate the most categorized and detailed information. The featured information is updated on a regular basis so that the viewers remain informed with the latest updates.

Masterseek brings highly profitable deal for those enterprises that want to incorporate the company profile concept and reach out to the wider group of partners, clients and customers.

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