Masterseek Expands Its Search Engine In China



Released on: July 22, 2010, 6:19 am
Author: Masterseek Corp.
Industry: Internet & Online

Excellent Opportunity For The Business Persons To Explore the China Business Markets.

After creating a lot of buzz and earning huge success in the US., the popular B2B global search engine has now expanded its hands in China. The users now can search for the companies, organizations and business professionals in China, which is a big and highly potential market. This is a giant Asian market where loads of business practices are conducted. There are hundreds of unique companies that provide immaculate business opportunities. Masterseek has taken a wise step by expanding its search engine in China.

Expanding the search engine activities in the Chinese market ensures that the users can search from the huge number of business houses. There are three million Chinese companies that can be searched over by the users of Masterseek. That is a huge resource for the users to meet up new business persons and companies and enhance the scope of business. The company aims to become the preferred search engine among the business communities in China where the users can research and analyze new business opportunities, monitor different markets, search and find potential buyers, customers and business partners.

Masterseek has made a clever move by deciding to enhance its spread in China. The leading global search engine Google has stopped its censorship of search service in China, which is It is soon going to be pulled out of China, leaving a vacuum of high quality search engines. Masterseek can fill up a significant portion of that space with its top-notch business search engine. It is proving to be a good move by Masterseek to establish its foray in the Asian market.

At present, China act as a major business partner of U.S. where the trade value has increases more than 350 billion US dollars. The U.S. market also imports numerous affordable consumer goods. Rasmus Refer of Masterseek corp says, "This trade also automatically increases the interest in finding new partners and suppliers between China and the U.S., while the number of Internet users in China soared in the last two years, which now reaches over 355 million Internet users. It is a huge market we will now try to get a share in within B2B searches".

Most importantly, the China- specific business search engine will display results in English so that the content can be viewed by global audience. The search engine will not only help in finding business opportunities and business people, but also news and press releases related to China.

The owners of Masterseek believe that it will gain fast publicity in China. is the most comprehensive English language website in China. In Late 2008, Masterseek corp. had purchased, which is a popular search engine. China Daily was a share holder and partner of and after the purchase of the later, Masterseek can access the services of China Daily. "It is some of these contacts, we will use the faster publicizing Masterseek says Rasmus Refer, Masterseek corp.

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