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Released on: July 12, 2010, 01:47 pm
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New research conducted by scientists based at the Peninsula Medical School in Plymouth have revealed that a lack of activity is not always the key factor in childhood obesity. Findings suggest that it is often the case that obesity leads to a lack of activity.

The study, published in the Archives of Disease in Childhood, concluded that overweight youngsters are affected psychologically as well as physically, with many having a negative perception of their bodies. This leads to a decrease in confidence and participation in group exercise, especially within a school environment.

Child obesity levels have been on the rise for decades, so an in-depth investigation into the problem such as this can only be a beneficial addition to our general understanding of the issue according to health insurance comparison site

Rather than simply emphasising the increasing need for exercise amongst young children, it is apparent that a drastic reformation in general eating habits is required.

The EarlyBird Diabetes study followed a group of 200 city school children for an 11 year period. It discovered no indication that an increase in exercise had any effect on the weight of obese children. However, the study did demonstrate that children who put on weight were guilty of doing relatively less exercise.

This suggest that the problem lies in persuading children to both exercise and eat healthily, with the latter proving to be the main stumbling block.

This study comes as the government announce their withdrawal of funding from the Change4Life public health campaign. Since 2009 £50 million has been invested in the anti-obesity initiative, which aimed to address the ever increasing levels of obesity in British society.

Recent statistics from weight loss site tell us that almost half the male population and approximately 30% of women are obese, with figures predicted to reach a third of all UK citizens, including children, by 2012. Such statistics, coupled with the impending public spending cuts in anti-obesity campaigning are make for a concerning read.

However, insurance comparison site hoes that the latest research will give rise to further investigation into the matter, as well as prompting the private sector to fill the gap left by the withdrawal of public sector support.

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