New Transplant Therapy, Shift in Drug Discovery

Ubiquitin Conference 2010 is a Meeting of Minds from Industry and Academia



Released on: July 09, 2010, 5:19 am
Author: Asim Malik
Industry: Biotech

PHILADELPHIA, PA (July 9, 2010) – On August 23-25, 2010, industry scientists, CEOs, and academics will convene at Philadelphia’s Four Seasons Hotel for the “Ubiquitin Drug Discovery and Diagnostics Conference” to discuss the Next Big Thing in drug discovery research—the ubiquitin pathway. Advances in oncology, infectious diseases, neurodegeneration, inflammation, diabetes, and muscle wasting will be covered.

A pathway is a sequence of reactions converting one molecule into another. Ubiquitin, which is a small protein, is used often to mark larger proteins within a cell for breakdown. This pathway plays fundamental roles in human health and disease; many human pathologies have been linked to changes in ubiquitin pathway enzymes. Attracting experts in this growing field, the three-day conference is unique in its focus on drug discovery within the ubiquitin pathway.

Rejection hurts; but for the recipient of organ donation, rejection can be fatal. New combination therapies for treating antibody-mediated rejection (AMR) in transplant patients are possible, thanks in part to manipulation of the ubiquitin pathway.

When a transplant recipient’s body rejects donor tissue, the recipient’s plasma cells, which typically fight off infection, are in fact the aggressors in the attack. Dr. Woodle suggests stalling the proteasome (or “cellular waste-bin”) via the ubiquitin pathway (or “cellular tagging and shipping information hub”) thereby depleting plasma cells and treating rejection. Dr. Woodle will present his latest findings during the final conference session.

The agenda focuses on basic science, translational research and drug discovery within the ubiquitin pathway. It includes two technology-driven workshop sessions, four conference sessions, and three business roundtables facilitating collaboration across sectors.

Contact Details: Varsha Luthra
Director, Ubiquitin Conferences
610-644-0585, ext. 319



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