PEO Company Introduces NPower Green Payroll Services



Released on: July 30, 2010, 3:53 am
Author: John Rico
Industry: Human Resources

National PEO, a leading PEO (Professional Employer Organization) is pleased to announce the introduction of NPower, a free and environmentally friendly program that eliminates paper pay stubs in favor of online payroll access. Besides the “green” aspect of the new program, employees and employers stand to benefit in other ways, including on-demand online access, up-to date information on benefits and the ability to send messages electronically within Npower.

July 12, 2010 -- National PEO has gained a reputation for leading the PEO (Professional Employer Organizer) industry through innovative practices and the company’s latest program -NPower- continues this tradition. NPower is the latest in a long line of progressive PEO services introduced by National PEO and one that is bound to strike a chord with employers and employees alike. Instead of receiving printed pay stubs, employees of participating companies have live access to their information online. By eliminating paper and printer supplies from the payroll equation, NPower helps to reduce pressure on companies to make their operations more environmentally responsible. No more pay stubs thrown in the trash or lengthy payroll reports to print and fax. Yet, where other “green” measures tend to come with a measure of inconvenience to those companies that adopt them, NPower represents a tremendous improvement over typical payroll operations.

Human Resources departments are always under pressure to make deadlines and deal with various critical issues, but a considerable amount of time is often lost due to having to respond to frequent questions from employees. National PEO’s NPower removes some of this stress by making the information employees frequently ask about available to them online. How much Paid Time Off (PTO) do they have remaining? Can they view last week’s pay stub? What about information on their 401k? This information and much more is available to employees online 24/7, so they can log in and review it at their leisure instead of having to request the information from a HR representative. The information available through NPower is live and accurate. This means faster answers for employees and fewer distracting questions for the Human Resources department to deal with. Employers can also send messages to employees about benefits programs or other subjects that might be appropriate. NPower truly is one of those PEO services that benefits employer and employee equally. Add in the “green” element, the fact that it’s a free program and you can understand why NPower is a winner.

Security is an important consideration with any online program and National PEO has taken extensive measures to ensure that employee data is secure within NPower. Employers have the ability to limit what information their staff has access to online and employees are limited to seeing only their own data. Access to NPower is password protected and master file data is used to validate any inputs (most information is read only for employees). In the event that an employee doesn’t have access to direct deposit, NPower offers the capability to deposit their paycheck directly onto a PayCard, which has the same functionality as a debit card, but doesn’t require a checking account.

About National PEO: Arizona-based National PEO LLC has been at the forefront of PEO Services since 1999. With an experienced executive team that brings a combined 30 years of experience to the table, National PEO has built a reputation for industry leadership, innovation and PEO best practices along with a clientele that includes hundreds of companies in Arizona and across the US. For additional information about National PEO or details about the new NPower program please contact John Rico, Director of Human Resources.

Contact Details: Business Name: National PEO
Contact Name: John Rico
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Telephone #: 480-429-8098
4800. N. Scottsdale Road, Suite 2000, Scottsdale, AZ 85251



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