Blair Rewards Program Offers Outstanding Benefits, Find Out How You Can Save Everyday



Released on: August 05, 2010, 3:41 am
Author: Marley Masters
Industry: Consumer Services

I like to save money in any and all areas of my life. I also like to share the details of my savings with friends and family. My most recent find is the Blair Rewards program. From everyday purchases such as groceries to big-ticket items such as vacation packages, Blair Rewards offers deep discounts to its members for a low monthly fee. I am surprised each month when I add up what I save, and when I show the bottom line to another friend or family member, I'm not surprised by how quickly they sign up themselves.

I joined BlairRewards via a 30-day trial membership. My savings more than paid for the low monthly fee that first month, so I continued my membership. The Blair Rewards program conveniently charges my credit card each month, so I don't have to do anything to continue my membership. And, were I to want to cancel my Blair Rewards membership, it would take just a phone call. I can't imagine doing that, though, with the savings I have been receiving, such as:

Dining out – Between 10 and 50 percent, that's what I have saved at participating restaurants through my Blair Rewards Program membership. Dining out has always been the first cost to be cut during times when I needed to trim expenses. Now, I don't have to go without eating at my favorite restaurants during lean months. Blair Rewards allows me to continue having a social life.

Movie tickets – I see an average of five movies per month, so this BlairRewards perk easily proves worth the cost of membership each month. Instead of purchasing my tickets at the movie theater box office, I order them ahead of time through the Blair rewards program. Combined with the dining out savings, Blair Rewards makes date night possible.

Travel – Using my BlairRewards membership on vacations has allowed me to increase the number I take every year. Through the Blair Rewards Program VIP Travel Center, I receive up to 50 percent off of hotel rooms, plus complimentary upgrades, and up to 10 percent off of the booking price of vacation packages. The travel center even helps me plan my vacations. My next trip will involve a cruise, for sure, as Blair Rewards can offer them at up to 35 percent off. Or, a theme park attraction, which I can get tickets to at up to 50 percent off.

For more information about the savings associated with the Blair Rewards Program, and to join the program yourself, go to today.

About the Author: Marley Masters doesn't like to pay full price for anything. Masters joined Blair rewards six months ago and now can't imagine life without it. Masters has shared with friends and family all of the details of the program, so that they too can save. More than a few have signed up for Blairrewards, and they share with each other each and every new costs savings they find.

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