Blair Rewards Program Shows The People Tony's True Color



Released on: August 05, 2010, 3:36 am
Author: Marley Masters
Industry: Consumer Services

The former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Tony Blair has a reputation as a keen deal finagler with the ability to get in and out questionable circumstances warranting the name, Teflon Tony. While the principle Blair rewards complaints entered the media for Tony’s use of public funds to impart gifts, vacations, and promoting positions for individuals serving his personal agenda, the general public has laid witness to the results of his actions. While Blair rewards may seem harmless enough and may be considered business as usual, it is somewhat unfortunate that it was not known as Britain rewards resulting in the benefit to the UK.

In business as in government it is quite difficult to come across individuals that do what is in the best interest of the business or government respectively. Blairrewards is simply an illustration of how time and again countries elect individuals that are supposed to be serving the people and the country’s best interest only to have the position leveraged for personal gain.

While there is good reason for the Blair rewards complaints, it is somewhat more clear how the result of Tony’s previous position has left the country in shambles while he goes on to enjoy the lucrative process of reaping the crops sewn while he was in office.

In many ways, the British people are apathetic after all there is not much to be done about it now. They must work especially hard to weather the storm that was induced by leadership rooted in a Blair rewards program that has left the people out in the cold. The key result of all of this is in the determination of the people to not allow it to reoccur or if they will concede to others promoting themselves and demonstrating poor leadership over a nation.

It is likely too early to tell as the people of Britain are busily cinching-up their belts and trying to get through the downturn in the economy. While there may still be some Blair rewards complaints as a result of Tony’s apparent prosperity, they will likely diminish into the history books as another example of man’s inability to act beyond their own self-interest. Perhaps it is too much to as of any individual.

In a world with rapid and readily accessible information, individuals are becoming more informed about situations like Blairrewards, which may soon turn to action. As the checks and balances between government and the public become more accessible one would hope that the blairrewards complaints would not go unanswered. Although Tony’s reputation may not be that of sterling silver, it appears that his position is more golden than ever.

About Author: Marley Masters is an advocate for the people seeking examples of quality leadership. While the Blair rewards complaints are likely to be forgotten in time, there is good reason to ensure their visibility. Blair rewards is simply a specific example of a recurring problem in society.

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