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Released on: August 04, 2010, 5:31 am
Author: William Brill
Industry: Internet & Online

Joseph Bachana, President and Founder of DPCI, a company known for its expertise in Web content management solutions, was a presenter at the 2010 Info 360 conference. Info 360, the AIIM International Exposition and Conference, is the premier yearly event held by AIIM (the Association for Information and Image Management), a nonprofit organization with 65,000 active members. The 2010 version of Info 360, held in Philadelphia, was a massive industry gathering featuring 250 exhibitors, speakers from leading companies such as Google and Microsoft and attended by over 24,000 IT professionals. Mr. Bachana’s presentation was on the topic of open-source projects, including Drupal content management systems.

August 04 , 2010 -- When over 24,000 IT professionals descended on Philadelphia to attend Info 360, the AIIM International Exposition and Conference, one of the featured speakers they heard was DPCI President and Founder, Joseph Bachana. No stranger to many of the attendees (he is a frequent industry speaker and regularly publishes articles on drupal cms, open-source software, web content management solutions and other topics), Mr. Bachana’s session was titled “Sorting Through the Options in Open Source Content Technologies.” It dealt with the business, functional and architectural approaches a company can take when choosing open-source Web content management solutions. It outlined some of the key differences between leading open-source products such as Wordpress, Plone, Zope, Joomla! and Drupal content management systems. Mr. Bachana also reviewed the process by which a company would pick a solution (including how to effectively organize functional requirements) and compared open-source options such as drupal CMS to commercial equivalents. In many ways, the topic reflected a high level overview of how his company, DPCI, works with its clients to choose, design and implement web content management tools.

Mr. Bachana’s presentation at AIIM followed his recent participation at Drupalcon 2010, in April. DPCI was a Gold Sponsor of the convention, where Bachana served as a panelist on the “Trends in Enterprise 2.0 Technologies” session.

DPCI is a leading provider of content and digital asset management solutions, recognized as being both innovative and highly effective. The company works with clients operating within a range of fields, including media and entertainment, education, corporate marketing communications, financial services, advertising and software development, as well as a number of professional associations. The invitation by AIIM (the Association for Information and Image Management) to speak at the yearly conference for its 65,000 members is a nod to DPCI and to Mr. Bachana as being a notable presence in the field and reflects the reputation earned by the company since it was founded in 1999.

To learn more about web content management solutions or for further information on DPCI or its President, Joseph Bachana, please visit DPCI’s website, e-mail or call 800-818-2905. DPCI’s office is located at 1560 Broadway, Suite 810, New York, NY 10036.

About the Author: William Brill started his career as a software architect who specialized in designing and implementing Drupal content management systems. He went through a period where he explored a range of commercial solutions including IBM Lotus Web Content Management, Jadu and Sharepoint, blogging about his experiences. He quickly grew frustrated with what he perceived to be limitations in these proprietary products, writing about his preference for the flexibility of open-source solutions. William went back to working exclusively with drupal CMS, voicing his opinion that for someone who understood its nuances, the product was ideal for content management and had sufficient integration capabilities
to be highly extendible.

Contact Details: Business Name: DPCI
Contact Name: Joseph Bachana
Business Email Address:
Business Telephone #: 800-818-2905
Business Address: 1560 Broadway, Suite 810, New York, NY 10036



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