Foreign Pharmacy Intermediary Launches Free Shipping Promotion for International Generics Program (IGP)


Released on: August 10, 2010, 3:31 am
Author: Sam Jackson /
Industry: Healthcare

MIAMI, FL, the premier international pharmacy intermediary launches its free shipping promotion for the International Generics Program (IGP). has been at the forefront of connecting consumers to affordable medications though its unique network of licensed international pharmacies and Canadian pharmacies. The International Generics Program (IGP) is another popular option for cash strapped consumers looking for additional savings. Consumers can now take advantage of free shipping for any IGP orders over $99. lists over 3000 medications including Canadian drugs, generic drugs and specialty cancer drugs.

About is a prescription marketing broker, negotiating the best prices for its clientele. All prescriptions are dispensed by licensed pharmacies and pharmacists located in Canada, Italy, the UK, New Zealand, India, Switzerland, South Africa, Israel, and Fiji.

Buying prescription medications online through Canada and other countries that regulate drug prices is a true alternative to paying the high prices that local pharmacies are charging. More and more people each day are taking advantage of the substantial savings that a foreign pharmacy offers. This is a true win/win situation for customers: low prices with high customer service.

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