Google Earth Contents "Nagasaki Archive" That Told The Real State Of Affairs Of The Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Damage Was Released. This Project Synchronizes With Twitter And Second Life


Released on: August 04, 2010, 4:58 am
Author: Nagasaki Archive Committe/Hidenori Watanave Lab @ Tokyo Metropolitan University
Industry: Education

Nagasaki Archive Committee and Hidenori Watanave Laboratory at Tokyo Metropolitan University released Google Earth contents "Nagasaki Archive" that told the real state of affairs of the Nagasaki atomic bomb damage. This project synchronizes with Twitter and Second Life.

- Official Website:

- Project concept:

The following contents are available.

1) Nagasaki Archive

Nagasaki Archive is the web content to tell the world the reality of the atomic bomb on interactive archive of the digital globe.

Nagasaki Archive provides a lot of photos and experiences of survivors in 3D using with digital globe "Google Earth". You can see photos from the same angle they were taken 65 years ago, and also you click the portrait of survivors to read their experiences and wishes assosiated with the actual location they were exposed to A - bomb. (The experience stories of six people are translated into English now. Other stories are displayed in Japanese.) In addition, we displays photos of the current Nagasaki so that you intuitively understand how this city subsequently achieved the reconstruction across time and space. Nagasaki Archive is long-term project to proceed. We will work on this project continuously with collecting data, and now we will cover A-bomb of Hiroshima In the near future.

2) Message Cloud

Message Cloud is a project to map thoughts on peace via E-mail and Twitter. Please e-mail us or tweet your thought on peace, and it will float on the sky of Nagasaki on 3D digital globe "Google Earth". We are now asking for your message about this project through Twitter and Email. More detailed information is in above-mentioned URL.

3) Online Event

The space that exhibits contents of the Nagasaki atomic bomb and peace on Second Life is constructed. The demonstration play of Second Life and an image movie concerning the atomic bomb will be delivered with Ustream. More detailed information is in above-mentioned URL.

- Credits:

Nagasaki Archive Committee
Graduate school of System Design + Faculty of System Design,Tokyo Metropolitan University
(Industrial Art Projct team + Hidenori Watanave Lab. volunteers)

- Contact us:
+81-42-585-8606 (Tokyo Metropolitan University)



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