Malvern House Offers A Competitive Business Degree Programme In London



Released on: August 24, 2010, 4:44 am
Author: Jane Smith
Industry: Education

London, August 2010 - Students looking for a competitive business degree course will find an excellent one at London’s Malvern House College. The institute teaches English language courses and business diploma courses to students from more than 100 countries. The business degree programme at Malvern House lasts for two years. Students then spend their final year at one of Malvern House’s partner universities, thereby saving up to 50 percent of their courses fees. This is a great opportunity not only to earn a coveted business degree but also to experience British university life.

The business degree programme is affiliated to the London Metropolitan University for a BA (Hons) Business and Management (Joint Honours), Middlesex University for a BA (Hons) Business Administration and Oxford Brookes University for a BA (Hons) Business and Management, among others. Students can complete their final year at a university of their choice from the Malvern House-recommended list.

Malvern House College offers one of the best English courses in London. Classes are varied and range from basic to advanced, depending on a student’s proficiency and comfort with the language. Classes are conducted in General English, Business English, Exam English and Intensive English. The summer is the perfect time to brush up on English skills, just in time to start university in autumn.

For those confident enough, there is an Intensive English Fast Track course. There is increased one-to-one interaction as these classes have fewer students. Exam English classes concentrate specifically on English language examinations, such as the IELTS. And for a specialised application of the English language, the Business English course helps students develop special business speaking skills.

For students interested in applying to a university in the UK, Malvern House offers a university preparatory programme as well as a free placement service for all its students. This involves course counselling, advice on entry requirements, understanding and registering for UCAS if required, and one-to-one help with Personal Statements, among other things.

One of the biggest advantages of studying at one of the best English schools in London is its location. It’s set in the heart of London, a city that is a melting pot of various cultures from around the world. Accommodation teams at the college will help students pick families to stay with in London for an authentic English living experience. Alternatively, there are a number of residence halls also available. For a truly multi-cultural experience, stay with like-minded students from around the world in student house shares, or let the team arrange a hotel or hostel for you.

About Malvern House College: An independent English language college, Malvern House was established in 2000. Based on the standard of teaching, the quality of learning, the resources and the environment of the college, it was accredited by the British Council in 2003. Since then, Malvern House has been a landmark institution, providing quality education in a fun and fulfilling environment. The college specialises in teaching English, for both long-term and short-term students, as well as longer term programmes for professional qualifications or for entry to a UK university.

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