The Sea Rarely Gives Up The Dead, Or That's What Phil Harris Thought When He Tried To Throw Former Business Partner Glenn Coggeshell Overboard


Released on: August 13, 2010, 6:14 am
Author: Coggeshell
Industry: Entertainment

On Monday August 09, 2010 Business partner and creator of the coffee lines “Deadliest Brew” “Captains Brew” and “Captains Reserve” was forced to bring suit to the Harris Estate after a year of trying to settle differences quietly and professionally.

Coggeshell who is considered the most innovative creator in his industry, marketing coffee lines as “Black Dot Coffee” “Hendrix Coffee” “Goodfellas Coffee” “Deadliest Brew” “Legends of Rock Coffee” and “Perfect Circle Coffee”, met Phil Harris in a grocery store parking lot. Phil approached Glenn about buying “Hendrix Coffee” for his boat.

In March of 2008 Phil Harris contacted Coggeshell wanting to endorse his “Black Dot Coffee” line, saying he was about to be the most popular captain on the hit show Deadliest Catch.

After an hour meeting in a “Buzz In” steak house and listening to Phil talk about his recent health condition. Coggeshell having a father who had just had a savier stroke also, thought it unfair given the state of his health to just have him endorse his product, started thinking of ways this venture could work for all parties.

In late April of that same year Glenn celebrated the birth of his daughter. There at the hospital he was making calls, organizing, planning and making sure things would move forward for his family and the new venture.

Coggeshell and Harris continued to move forward throughout the spring. Glenn started making important business contacts to launch the new coffee line “Deadliest Brew”, “Gourmet Coffee for the Working Man” and within sixty days found the product in over 65 locations in Washington State and growing towards the Oregon and California markets, one event on July 26th 2008 in Sedro Woolley, WA saw 250 in attendance an unprecedented coffee sales and fast growth.

During this time Phil kept assuring Glenn, who had funded everything to this point, that he would invest his share of the needed money to keep up with growing sales.

Around August of 2008 Phil’s on again off again manager Russ Hariot returned with the promise to finish a deal with a local energy drink manufacture who were also creating a line with Phil Harris. Glenn Coggeshell insisted Russ stay away from anything related to the coffee. Phil assured Glenn, Russ would stay away. During this time Glenn began to question actions and changes with Phil’s personality.

Glenn by now invested over $50 thousand from his own business & personal sources while being a father of two children, a son and an infant daughter.

By October with high online sales and almost 200 stores, Deadliest Brew was quickly becoming one of the fastest growing coffee companies in the US

In late November early December Coggeshells investment began to pay off and business started seeing substantial profits and with the addition of another 60-100 locations projected in 2009. The new Captains Brew Coffee line was becoming the fastest growing Coffee Company in the US and online sales where growing stronger each day.

Just in time for Christmas and with profits in the bank, Coggeshell began seeing e-mails, blogs and myspace postings, stating Coggeshell was “no longer a part” of his own business. Phil, Russ and employee Marsha Cruz began circumventing Coggeshell with suppliers, stealing accounts, crossing out contact information for Coggeshell’s Company “Northwest Blends Inc” on invoices. Changing mailing addresses, changing checks made out too Coggeshell and his company to Phil’s “new” company, and then the letter from Phils new Lawyer showed up at his door. (All in the Christmas spirit)

Coggeshell tried to resolve the issues in a proper business manner but Phil thought is easier to just throw Mr. Coggeshell overboard with a shackle of debt and defamation.

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