San Antonio Tree Service Gives Back to Seniors


Released on: September 01, 2010, 8:45 am
Author: Premiere Tree Services
Industry: Consumer Services

September 1, 2010 Tree care services in San Antonio just got cheaper for senior residents. Premiere Tree Services, a tree company that has serviced San Antonio for over 35 years, has found a great way to give back to their community. For a limited time, the San Antonio tree company residents over 65 with a significant discount for tree removal, tree planting, tree trimming, stump grinding, land clearing and more.

These days, with budgets tightening around the country, discounted services really make a difference to most customers. Some companies, like Premiere Tree Services of San Antonio, have acknowledged this. On all services, we knock 20% off of the final price for seniors. . . . People like the discount, and it brings in a lot of business, said Bennie Bain, the president of the company. Not only does the discount offer by Premiere Tree Services of San Antonio benefit customers, it also draws in business that may have gone elsewhere otherwise. With budget-conscious consumers on the rise, smart business practices are becoming increasingly important in nearly all industries. By providing customers with lower prices, something that all customers want, the tree company has made a very smart move that will, no doubt, continue to increase their business and their success in the San Antonio area.

Since 1974, Bennie Bain has provided San Antonio and the surrounding areas with top-rated tree-care services. With a strong commitment to their customers and the trees of San Antonio, The company has consistently received excellent reviews for their services. Above all else, it is a company devoted to the trees and the communities that it has served for over three decades. For more information, visit

Contact: Joseph King
Telephone: 210-853-2737
18866 Stone Oak Pkwy
Suite 103-108
San Antonio, TX 78258



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