Scotland Leads EU Partnership Launch of The Good Practice Wind Project is Welcomed By Wind Turbine Manufacturer



Released on: September 23, 2010, 6:09 am
Author: QueryCLick LTD
Industry: Energy

A partnership aimed at the increased opportunity for and construction of both onshore and offshore wind developments has been launched. The Scottish led group of eight EU nations, including Spain, Italy, Greece, Malta, Ireland, Norway, and Belgium, also benefits from the contribution of an additional 17 partners, including academics, local authorities, power companies and consultants.

The partnership hopes to assist the European Union reach its 2020 carbon emission reduction targets on time. Scotland appear to be well placed to advise on such issues, having already reached the halfway point in their own campaign to cut carbon emissions by 42% (a shade higher than other European and US targets) by the beginning of the next decade.

Leading Small Wind Turbine manufacturer Gaia-Wind has welcomed the launch of the Good Practice Wind Project. Managing Director Johnnie Andringa said:

“We particularly welcome the drive to enable communities to play their part in building a renewable energy future. However, with Scottish elections ahead, we must watch out for 'tinkering politician syndrome'.

“At Gaia-Wind the big technological advances we are developing today will not show up in our products for at least 3 years. A politician changing the rules of the game while we are doing our work would be disastrous.”

The reservations evident in Andringa's statement regarding the perhaps meddlesome activities of politicians should be allayed somewhat by the apparent determination of Scottish Energy Minister Jim Mather, who launched the partnership, to build upon the renewable energy potential of Europe.

Mather displayed his positivity regarding the project, insisting that;

“Europe has enormous onshore wind potential and while the sector is advancing well in many countries, most of the huge economic potential remains untapped.

"However international progress on renewables must be in harmony with environmental considerations. That's why the GP Wind project is such an important initiative, balancing our international vision for significant renewables investment with wider environmental objectives."

The project seeks to address the current obstacles to the successful wind energy development by “reconciling renewable energy objectives with wider environmental objectives” according to New Energy Focus. In addition, there will be a marked emphasis on community participation within the project, with the hope that there will be plenty opportunities for communities to get involved in the proposed developments.

For Gaia-Wind, this community involvement is a crucial aspect of the drive to achieve renewable energy objectives; the support and participation of such groups is essential to the success of the Good Practice Wind Project manifesto.

About Gaia-Wind:
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