Abacus Financial Continues to Expand In Uncertain Economy



Released on: October 22, 2010, 5:13 am
Author: Abacus Financial
Industry: Financial

Abacus Financial, the national expert in the resolution of distressed commercial real estate borrowers and operating companies is extending its purchasing campaign at an unprecedented pace. Having acquired and sold hundreds of apartment, industrial, office, hospitality, warehouse, single family residential and retail properties in the last 30 years, Abacus knows the ups and downs of real estate cycles and is uniquely positioned to help property owners and investors out of their negative equity predicament.

While countless real estate operating companies and investors are faced with maturing loans and the worst real estate market in decades, Abacus is actively seeking to purchase distressed properties and portfolios, regardless of delinquencies, negative equity or eminent default.Abacus provides a way out for owners who are experiencing the daily nightmare of overwhelming financial obligations and a pervasive lack of liquidity. Abacus Financial offers owners, investment groups, developers and real estate investment funds what may be the best opportunity for relief and financial salvation - purchasing each distressed property or portfolio for a price greater than the existing loan(s), regardless of current outstanding debt balance or current market value.

Abacus Financial's execution will relieve the daily calls from irate investors and lenders. The strategy will also preserve the coveted capital gains treatment to be realized from a sale and avoid the ordinary income that could arise from debt forgiveness. At a time when it is more likely than not that capital gains rates will increase in 2011, NOW is the time to take advantage of this unique exit opportunity.

Abacus Financial is ready, willing and able to solve distressed real estate problems regardless of property type and location. Nationally recognized as a solutions driven private real estate investment workout firm, the principals of Abacus firmly subscribe to the ages old maxim: “solve a difficult and challenging problem, and all who participate shall prosper”.

In an industry that has no room for failure, Abacus has developed fast and efficient large scale equity solutions for over 30 years by working with owners and investors to solve their negative equity situations. For more information please visit http://www.abacus-financial.net or call (213) 260-4811 and speak to one of our seasoned acquisitions specialists.

About Abacus Financial
Abacus is committed to working diligently with all stakeholders in a transaction to achieve the best possible outcome for all. Abacus Financial is defined by decisive action, informed by experience, knowledge, ingenuity and our vast network of financial sources. The principals of Abacus Financial hold all employees, agents and contractors to the highest ethical standards and expect unwavering commitment to each defined asset strategy. In the final analysis, execution according to plan is what matters. Abacus Financial can be found online at www.abacus-financial.net or by calling (213) 260-4811.

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Telephone: 213-260-4811
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