Christian Coach Institute Opens Global Headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina and Launches High Quality, Affordable Christian Coach Training and Certification



Released on: October 25, 2010, 6:57 am
Author: Janice LaVore-Fletcher
Industry: Small Business

"Our mission is to educate, equip and encourage Christian Life Coaches around the world to bring out the best in God's people," said Janice LaVore-Fletcher, Founder and President. "We are proud to be fully licensed by the International Association of Coaching to teach the IAC 9 Coaching Masteries in our program, which are in alignment with the International Coach Federation's core coaching competencies." When asked what makes their Christian based life coach training program unique, Dale Fletcher, Vice President of Operations, said “Our Christian Life Coach Training course is a content rich curriculum based on blended adult learning concepts. Our program takes the student on a sixteen week journey covering three (3) phases for personal development, professional development and business development. We focus on how to prepare our coaches to launch a successful coaching ministry or coaching business upon graduation and certification. The most important aspect of our Christian Life Coach Training and Certification is that it is built on a solid Biblical worldview with Jesus Christ at the center of the Christian Coaching Model."

Classes are conducted similarly to a distance learning course offered by most colleges today. The students dial into a virtual classroom via Webex to participate in the weekly classes. The students are required to work with other students outside the classroom for course application and to participate in coaching lab work, When Janice LaVore-Fletcher was asked what kind of feedback the school has received from graduates, she shared the following which is among several on the website. One student wrote "I felt certain that CCI would offer a Christ-centered, prayer supported experience, and I can say this has indeed been true from day one. If I could name a second reason for choosing CCI, it would be the care and emphasis placed on building community and connections for long-term, not just the duration of the course. In the coaching world, and particularly in the Christian coaching world, I think that type of anchor is so valuable."

For more information about how to become a Certified Christian Life Coach, contact Christian Coach Institute at 704 775 3870 or visit their website

Contact Details: Christian Coach Institute, LLC
15105 John J. Delaney Dr, Ste D 217
Charlotte, NC 28277



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