Uses Online Coupons To Help Support Local Charities



Released on: October 29, 2010, 5:24 am
Author: Melanie Breeze
Industry: Consumer Services

The popular website, which helps frugal shoppers find the best deals online, is now using the power of saving money to help charities in local communities across the country. Coupon Chief has recently adopted the mantra, "Saving is Giving" to promote what could be the next big thing when it comes to savvy shopping and supporting charitable causes. The new promotion is all about giving back to those in need, and encouraging shoppers to do more than just buy products online. With Coupons-4-Causes, the site promises to donate up to 20% of the purchase price every time shoppers use Coupon Chief's online coupons.

October, 2010 -- The money-saving website has started a new trend in the industry with the introduction of a novel way to donate to local charities. With the Coupons-4-Causes program, shoppers are able to support their favorite charities every time they shop online. All visitors to the site have to do is shop using the site's coupons, and Coupon Chief will automatically donate up to 20% of the purchase price to the charity of choice, whether it is a local charity, school, or church.

Online coupons provide a convenient way to save money when purchasing items such as clothing, jewelry, and more, but with this new cause shoppers also have the opportunity to help their communities every time they make a purchase - no matter what the item.

The site provides discount coupon codes for a wide range of different online stores, from big name brands to smaller operations. Coupon Chief sets itself apart from the competition through innovation, ease-of-use, and by providing visitors with a reliable service. Many coupon sites are difficult to navigate, unorganized, and make it almost impossible to search for great deals that haven't already expired. has an easy-to-use search function, and partners with a wide variety of stores in many different shopping categories. In addition, the site makes a continuous effort to find the best deals online, post them on the site, and keep everything fresh and up-to-date.

As a result, Coupon Chief has become the leader in providing online coupons to thrifty consumers in search of ways to save money when buying items online. The website has a convenient commenting, rating, and validating system that allows shoppers to ensure every coupon is in good working order and hasn't expired. This instant access to information makes it easy to navigate the many coupons available and only use ones that actually work. When a coupon expires, it is immediately removed from the site.

With thousands of retailers listed on the site, Coupon Chief is able to help people save money on everything from electronics to accessories. Registered users can contribute to the site by submitting coupons, for even more access to online savings. With so many coupon codes available to the general public in just one place, consumers can shop with convenience without breaking the bank.

About is the online leader in coupons, deals, and discounts, providing countless shoppers with access to the best deals online. The website has been steadily growing in popularity, and offers thousands of coupons from the most popular stores. The Coupon codes are constantly updated and the site even has a revenue-sharing program to reward users for submitting coupons.

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