Premiere Tree Services of St. Louis Calls on City to Increase Residential Tree Planting


Released on: October 14, 2010, 8:36 am
Author: Premiere Tree Services of St. Louis
Industry: Consumer Services

Premiere Tree Services of St. Louis is calling on residents and city officials alike to increase the number of trees that are planted citywide. According to Executive VP Jacob Sams, Planting additional trees in the St. Louis area would have an enormous impact on the local environment. Planting trees is key to any city, but especially St. Louis.

Experts agree that if each residential homeowner in St. Louis were to plant just one tree in their yard it would have an enormous impact on the environment. Trees absorb carbon dioxide, which in turn helps ease the negative effects of greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, the shade that trees give off helps to reduce air conditioning costs and save on electricity.

In addition to individual residential homeowners, Premiere Tree Services of St. Louis is also calling on the city government to plant additional trees on residential streets. Trees planted along residential streets reduce sidewalk temperatures in summer months. Additionally, trees cleanse the air of diesel and dust particles, and also capture storm water that reduces storm water runoff. 

According to Sams, planting trees is an important first step, but proper maintenance is equally important. Both newly planted trees and existing trees in residential areas require care. Indeed, weed removal, watering, and spraying is crucial to new tree health and survival.

Premiere Tree Services is encouraging the use of arborists in tree planting. It is important to note that there are a number of varieties of trees that are not suitable for planting in sidewalks and street, and that planting certain trees in residential neighborhoods may require special permits. Proper attention should also be maid to mulching, which can help protect the stem and conserve moisture, as well as to the different type of fertilizers available in the market and what is the best fertilizer for your tree. For further information regarding residential tree planting, contact Premiere Tree Services of St. Louis at 314-881-8334 .

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