Quick Payday Loans Unveils Ground Breaking Impartial Payday Loan Reviews Website



Released on: October 18, 2010, 3:23 am
Author: Chris Thomson
Industry: Financial

QuickPaydayLoans.org.uk is a website dedicated to providing impartial information to applicants and consumers within the payday loans industry to allow them to make more informed payday loan applications. This service has been launched to address the increasing demand in this sector for impartial information on payday loan lenders. The Glasgow based website has launched its product offering into the market with a view to encouraging payday loans consumers to use the service as a vehicle through which to promote their experiences with particular payday lenders within the UK. The main target audience for the website are the same consumers that payday loan companies try to target – young, technically savvy individuals on the lookout for more consumer-orientated information on the payday loans sector.

The main driving force for the website however is its payday loan reviews section and in the first month of being live, this section of the site has turned into a hive of activity with consumers eager to voice their concerns and opinions on the many payday lenders reviewed on Quick Payday Loans. The launch of QuickPaydayLoans.org.uk has also prompted a number of users to email the Administrator of the website, Chris Thomson, to congratulate him on the effort put in so far.

“Payday Loan Consumers have been crying out for a viable and impartial resource through which they can learn more about the various lenders vying for business within the sector”, says Chris. “Quick Payday Loans has been set-up based on a lot of careful research into the sector and we have strong ambitions to expand the service outwards and encourage wider participation through providing networking opportunities both on- and off-site”.

Quick Payday Loans has been live for nearly two months and has seen a significant increase in traffic in a relatively short space of time. It has garnered a lot of attention within the sector due to its consumer-orientated approach and plans are afoot to launch a significant expansion strategy in the next few months.

Contact Details: admin@quickpaydayloans.org.uk, Quick Payday Loans, 450 Hickman Street, Glasgow, G45 8BG, 0141 585 4769



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