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Released on: October 19, 2010, 7:04 am
Author: Safetyshop
Industry: Industrial

Workplace safety product specialists Safetyshop have begun to promote their range of safety products that relate to the oncoming winter period. Soon many people will be travelling to and from work in the dark and school children will be walking or cycling to school in the dark also. It’s time to take extra care as visibility and quiet, dark roads become a risk – take a forward thinking approach to staying safe this winter.

Safetyshop stock a wide range of high visibility clothing and accessories to ensure that the dark mornings and evenings don’t become a serious hazard for pedestrians as well as motorists.

Children walking to and from school are often the most vulnerable especially when crossing roads, According to official government statistics, children are more at risk from road accidents from 3pm onwards in autumn and winter and this can often coincide with workers driving home.

Safetyshop’s Kimberley Slack commented, “With an increased awareness of road safety we have found that making sure the public are able to get the best safety products can often be a life saver.

“With the darker mornings and nights it can be difficult to spot a child in the road until it’s too late. So anything that can make children and adults more visible, whether they are walking or riding a bicycle, is a high priority for us at Safetyshop”.

On the subject of motorists, the winter period poses many risks especially as temperatures drop and the roads becoming slippery with snow and ice.

Drivers are advised to have a winter car kit, including de-icer but it is also important that drivers prepare for the worst and pack warm clothing and a hot drink on long distance trips as the roads are expected to be congested as roads are expected to be congested during bad winter weather

There are many winter related products that Safetyshop will have available for businesses and individuals that can help deal with the risks and hazard that the winter months pose.


For further information contact Kim Slack


Notes to Editors
Established for nearly 40 years Safetyshop is extremely proud to be one of the remaining BRITISH manufacturers of safety signs. All Safetyshop safety signs are guaranteed to comply with the latest health & safety legislation and designed to ISO 9001:2001 quality standards. Safetyshop is accredited by the health and Safety Sign Association (HSSA) and Photo-luminescent Safety Products Association (PSPA).

As well as safety signs, Safetyshop has a vast product range including many winter safety products from Grit bins and salt spreaders to clearly visible safety signs warning pedestrians, site traffic and visitors to your business.

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