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Released on: October 27, 2010, 5:30 am
Author: Bernie Grohsman
Industry: Healthcare

When seeking drug or alcohol treatment, it’s best to have multiple options, as not every drug and alcohol treatment center is the right fit for the person in need. features more than 11,000 listings for drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers and professionals, plus 24-hour access to a treatment counselor to narrow the many options down to one. The comprehensive and informational website also features confidential, online assessments, plus a robust user community. Access to and its many resources remain free for those seeking a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center.

October 2010 – Addicts and their loved ones often need help finding the right drug and alcohol treatment center. Internet marketing expert and recovering addict Bernie Grohsman understands this need, which is why he created The online directory of drug and alcohol treatment centers now features more than 11,000 listings and is the most comprehensive website of its kind. Grohsman didn’t stop there, though. In addition to free listings and 24-hour live access to treatment counselors, the website now offers user community tools such as forums, blogs and chat rooms, also at no cost to the addicts.

To begin the search for a drug and alcohol treatment center, the addict or loved one fills out the confidential assessment form at The assessment asks for basic information such as a contact phone number and the best time to call, plus detailed information about the addict’s history of abuse and medical condition. After submitting the assessment, the addict or loved one receives a call from a drug and alcohol treatment counselor. If the alcoholic or loved one wants to speak to a counselor right away about finding a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, he or she can call 1-877-335-4673 seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

For those not yet ready to choose a drug and alcohol treatment center, encourages them to explore the website’s user community. There are multiple forums covering a variety of addictions. There, addicts can read about others’ drug and alcohol treatment experiences, finding inspiration to start down the path to sobriety themselves. They can even ask questions of other addicts live in chat rooms. also regularly updates its community blog, posting drug and alcohol treatment news, plus inspirational quotes.

Adding to these many resources for addicts and their loved ones is a wealth of information about addiction itself, from drugs and alcohol to gambling and sex. Grohsman believes education is key to long-term sobriety, and he has made a one stop shop of sorts for anyone and everyone seeking information about addiction. He lost his own brother to drug and alcohol addiction. He wants to prevent as many other families as possible from experiencing such a painful loss by helping them find the right drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, or a rehabilitation center for any other type of addiction.

About and Bernie Grohsman: Considered the leading Internet marketing expert in the behavioral healthcare field, Bernie Grohsman created the comprehensive directory of drug and alcohol treatment center listings to provide free referrals to those in need. Visit for more information and to fill out an online assessment. Or, call 1-877-335-4673 24 hours a day, seven days a week to speak to a treatment counselor about finding the right drug and alcohol rehabilitation center.

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