Customers Are Getting Excited About FitFlops Spring 2011 Collection



Released on: November 12, 2010, 10:28 am
Author: Nigel Linton
Industry: Retail

With the success of the recent Autumn/Winter collection of FitFlop Boots featuring some of the best selling styles this season, there is much talk of the hotly anticipated Spring 2011 footwear collection from FitFlop that has been previewed in the US and reviews have been extremely favourable to say the least.

FitFlop have been the top selling fitness footwear brand since their launch a few years ago with just one style of flip flop in three colours. This humble beginning for the now global toning footwear brand was quick to catch on and has a massive customer base which is increasing all the time, thanks to the regular release of gorgeous new styles which has now turned into a seasonal launch, taking the FitFlop name into new territory and placing it firmly with the big names in footwear.

The founder of the FitFlop brand is none other than Marcia Kilmore (of Bliss Spa and Soap & Glory beauty product fame) and she obviously knows a thing or two about marketing a great product and giving the customer what they want even before they knew they wanted it! Marcia and the team she employed to research and develop this toning footwear range from London’s South Bank University where the FitFlop footwear was designed and tested for over a year before it was ready to go on the market.

Since its launch its popularity has risen and continues to rise still as more and more people find the benefits of this amazing footwear far outweigh standard fashion footwear. This footwear has been strongly endorsed by the medical profession and this has been part of its strength really as it’s the Doctor’s recommendations and the reviews of real people that have made FitFlop a respected and highly-regarded item of footwear for those looking to reduce back pain, improve their posture and tone up their legs and bottoms at the same time.

Its not just the fact that this footwear can benefits the wearer, its also the fact that the FitFlop footwear looks so good too and it has clearly been a case of fashion meets fitness and it really works well. We’ve got the trainers from the big sports names like Nike and Adidas, we’ve got fashionable boots like Uggs and what FitFlop did was to fit nicely into a gap in the market that feeds both these areas, the fitness aspect is in their benefits and the way they can tone your body just by walking in them and the fashion bit comes from the fabulous range that FitFlop offer, from boots and shoes to sneakers and clogs. It really is the perfect combination and sales of these toning shoes and boots are testament to this. FitFlop and fashion go hand in hand just as FitFlop and fitness do. Perfect.

The range of FitFlops available is growing all the time and they do men’s, women’s and children’s styles too which instantly widens their appeal. The winter range of women’s boots have been literally selling out within a few months of them being launched as they are proving so popular and some retailers have had to order extra stock to meet customer demand and even expand their range due to customer requests which is a very positive sign for this toning footwear revolution that is happening before our very eyes.

Not only is this good for retailers, its got to be good for the economy too and it couldn’t come at a better time when the country is in the midst of a recession that has affected millions up and down the country. It seems that people are still finding the money to invest in a great pair of FitFlops even if they can’t afford to go to the gym, they’re going to the gym every time they take a step in their FitFlops and if that’s not something to shout about then nothing is. currently stock a full range of all the latest FitFlop styles; including the fantastic FitFlop Boots and the FitFlop Supertone.

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