Law firm Mystery Shopper Program Unprecedented



Released on: November 05, 2010, 11:41 am
Author: Lisa Spitzer Msw Lcsw
Industry: Marketing, Law, Consumer Services

AAA Attorney Referral Service Announces Law Firm Mystery Shopper program. Helps law firms increase their bottom line. Lawyer Practice perfect Program, Unprecedented.

For many years, big retailers, restaurants,hotels and others have relied on "mystery shopper services". Now, Practice Perfect makes available to every law office, the same kind of powerful tools which were previously available to corporate America.

First impressions on the telephone determine whether someone retains you or one of your competitors. That simple. In an unprecedented program practice perfect listens to and trains your staff in key phone techniques. According to Lisa Spitzer the mastermind "People are calling on the worst day of their lives. A son may be in jail, a child hit by a car, their home in foreclosure, served with divorce papers and they need help." "Did your front line staff show concern and empathy"

"Did they present as an expert and reinforce confidence?" According to Practice perfects model this is key. They analyze the first step and follow the call thru the office process. Spitzer says "I have done this with attorneys on the line listening and some of them are shocked". We tested a large well known law firm, NO ANSWER".

Practice perfect is a division of AAA Attorney referral service. AAA has been listening to callers and law firms since 1996. According to Spitzer "law firms really need this support and help,especially in this economic environment The practice perfect mystery shopper program assigns a mystery shopper to call the office at various times. With the law firms permission the call can be recorded. "We monitor how your employee handles typical prospects. However, the only way to really appreciate the telephone interaction between your employee and a caller is by recording the call. Recording provides a vehicle to use to point out strong and weak areas. When employees know they will be "mystery shopped" they will be more attentive to their script.

Practice perfect then evaluates a number of different dimensions including:
Did the tone and manner reflect the spirit and attitude you are trying to project? Was the telephone answered promptly? According to Spitzer "Having the phone ring too many times,or placing someone on hold is not a good way to start a relationship"

Practice perfect also analyzes the receptionist in the office suites, shared offices, and use of answering machines. This is a first for the legal community. "We believe it is the first step in changing the public view of the legal profession and offers a competitive edge"

Contact Details: Lawyer practice perfect 1 877-669-4345



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