AmFed Relies on Flexibility of ImageNow To Meet Enterprise Challenges

Released on = December 29, 2004, 12:23 pm

Press Release Author = Perceptive Software

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Press Release Summary = Perceptive Software's Document Imaging and Workflow Solutions Support Company's Rapid Growth

Press Release Body = SHAWNEE, KANSAS — Perceptive Software, Inc., today announced that AmFed, the fastest-growing provider of insurance and insurance-related services in Mississippi, selected ImageNow® document imaging, management and workflow
solutions to keep pace with the escalating demands of enterprise-wide growth.

AmFed's rapid expansion increased the weight of the company's paper burden. Storing more than 2.4 million documents in multiple rooms created numerous overhead expenses and made accessing files difficult. Recognizing the need for an electronic document imaging application, AmFed searched for four months to find a scalable solution that could be deployed anywhere. Company executives were impressed with ImageNow's flexibility and potential for unlimited extendibility.

"We don't just offer insurance here, and we realized that ImageNow fits into any industry," said Jennifer Muse, director of special projects at AmFed. "We needed a complete product that could grow with us in every area, and ImageNow is the total

AmFed continually looks forward to ensure its customers are prepared for an ever-changing landscape, a philosophy Perceptive Software shares by providing state-of-the art technology that complements any existing or future business application. ImageNow's patented technology (LearnMode™) leverages AmFed's
investments by seamlessly integrating with all company software, including Paccasso, Microsoft Great Plains, Darwin, Pabblo and Fair Isaac.

"LearnMode is great because it's so quick and versatile," said Muse. "ImageNow integrated with our host applications in minutes."

AmFed currently uses ImageNow to speed its claims processes and will soon deploy the solution in all departments (Utilization Management, Underwriting, Accounting, HR, Financial Services and Legal). Before implementation, finding a single document
involved a slow and complicated search through a multitude of paper files that often contain more than 1,000 pages, delaying customer service and inhibiting productivity. With ImageNow's instant, single-click access to specific information,
employees are able to answer queries immediately.

"We field calls from providers all day, every day," said Muse. "With ImageNow we can find and retrieve documents right away, which enhances customer satisfaction and gives us more time to focus on policies and claims."

ImageNow's powerful capture, indexing and storage functionality eliminates shredding, duplication and storage costs and makes much needed office space available. Instead of making multiple copies of each claim file, AmFed employees use
ImageNow to simultaneously view documents from any location. AmFed associates also use ImageNow's extensive workflow functionality to instantly route provider bills, physicians' notes, EOBs and all other documents through a complex administration

"Automating our business processes creates a virtual work environment that improves daily operations," said Muse. "Routing documents via e-mail eliminates printing, copying and mailing expenses. Our employees now have the ability to share workflow
responsibilities, which helps the entire team meet its goals."

Access to AmFed's confidential records must be controlled to ensure the satisfaction of HIPAA and all other compliance initiatives. ImageNow stores all documents in a secure central repository and the system administrator manages all user privileges.

"ImageNow is such a great complement to our disaster recovery and business continuity plans," said Muse. "In the event of a disaster, we would have a secure, electronic backup of all documentation, and ImageNow would enable us to continue
serving our claimants and insureds appropriately."

When choosing a document imaging solution, AmFed executives looked at the long-term picture. They searched for a product that has a low life-cost, enables vendor independence and is dynamic enough to adapt to the changing demands of a fluid marketplace. AmFed chose ImageNow to meet their current and future needs.

"We didn't want to be tied down by service contracts," said Muse. "Perceptive Software stood out because they offer comprehensive support while giving us the freedom to explore ImageNow's flexibility. We basically took the product and ran
with it."

About Perceptive Software
Founded in 1988, Perceptive Software, Inc., (formerly Perceptive Vision) develops document imaging, management and workflow software solutions that simplify document management processes by delivering secure, digitized versions of paper and other electronic documents while leveraging existing applications. Customers in a broad range of industries worldwide have taken advantage of ImageNow, Perceptive Software's flagship software offering.


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